Zhang Jingbo's plan of "one cup of tea a week".

Zhang Jingbo's plan of "one cup of tea a week".
Sometimes, people live, not only live or die, but also live right or wrong.

bilibili is 44.2

. By the way, we have also made temporary crying spots into paper towels, which we are going to sell at a price of 20 yuan per piece. I hope you can support me at that time and bring temporary crying spots to the world. This is our goal.

but none of the above is the focus of today's post.

literally, I want to invite a reader to tea one day a week. But in fact, this activity is to prepare for the development after the chaos.

so if you ask me what kind of company that mess is, I'll tell you that it's everything, but it's nothing.

I used to think that "complex" was a derogatory term, which was a sign of not thinking clearly, but now I don't think so, because in the world's most powerful company, people don't know how to define it at first.

so, by lengthening the front, that is, the "one cup of tea a week project", I want to see if there is an opportunity to find like-minded and interesting partners to work together at some point in the future. and make something that only we can do.

if I see fit, I will add your Wechat directly, and then one morning or afternoon, I will buy you a cup of Starbucks /happy tea /whatever, we can just chat, or we can seriously discuss some life issues.

so if you can, please help me spread this news so that more people can participate in this activity, and I will try my best to record each meeting and tell you how things are going.

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