I thought we knew each other very well.

I thought we knew each other very well.
It turns out that we only met for the third time.

When I chatted with Tong C in their disorganized office last weekend, I said, "it's only the third time we've met today."

Tong c had an unbelieving look on his face. After thinking about it carefully, he found that it was only three times.

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"I always think we've met at least seven or eight times. It's only the third time today."

she was stupefied for a moment. "I thought we knew each other very well."

this sentence stunned me, too. I glanced at several people playing cards and resting outside the office, and suddenly realized that the group of people I had written all night with and held activities with me had seen only four times.

I thought that people who are "very familiar" should know each other in years, and they need to see each other many times.

but when you think about it, it seems that many people will have this situation. Friends who have known each other for ten years may not necessarily know what you are thinking, but there are always a few first meetings that make you feel that you have met too late.

on the 6th of this month, a disorderly "start now" event was held in Guangzhou.

on the evening of the 5th, I learned that I was the only one who was in a mess the next day. I couldn't sleep in the middle of the night and made several plans by myself.

because we want to "start right away", there is no arrangement at noon the next day, and we will discuss it together.

I'm afraid we won't live in hold.

and on the 6th, I didn't have a plan. In the final sharing session, I said to lulu,

"Zhang Jingshi, they will regret not coming to this event."

on the day of the event, more than a dozen of us were in a water bar and spent hours plastering the white paper in front of us with post-it notes, writing down the things or ideas we wanted to do but didn't dare to do.

finally we voted on a few ideas and made a plan to implement them.

until three o'clock in the afternoon, when everyone was ready to set out from the water bar to realize their wishes, several participants said, "suddenly I'm so hungry."

I just found out that we drank more morning tea from nine o'clock, and then went to the water bar to chat until three o'clock in the afternoon, everyone forgot to eat lunch.

that day we divided into three groups to realize different wishes.

# I want to go to the street to find ten jia xin photos #

this has always been a wish of Lulu, and coincidentally on the day of the event, there were three "jia xin", including lulu.

in groups of three, they searched the street for a long time with the sign "looking for jiaxin". They went to the vegetable market, entered the mall, and stood at the crossroads. None of them came up to them and said, "my name is jiaxin."

until it was almost time for them to gather, they didn't want to give up and didn't want to get any results at all, so they took a different approach and asked everyone in their moments if they had any friends named "jia xin".

if you can contact TA, would you like to give them a selfie? they want to collect it and put it together and send it back to TA. Finally, they collected almost 20 selfies from different places, schools, ages and genders.

# interview the love story of the elderly #

when I was hanging out in the old city, I saw a lot of old people on the road, and I suddenly came up with an idea that I don't know what their love was like when they were young. will it be as romantic and crazy as we are? So I brought it up in the part of sharing wishes.

this wish was realized by four participants, and at the final sharing meeting, they shared several elderly people they interviewed.

there is a cool old woman who refused to give an interview with a cigarette but talked twice, a lovely grandfather who had legs and feet inconvenient to chat with them through the two doors of the courtyard, and a couple who had been chatting with each other all the time, but their eyes were full of love.

I asked them if they had heard any interesting love stories.

they said that during the interview, they found that the love stories of the elderly were basically insipid. In their time, it was good to survive, not to mention life. When they asked them if they had done anything worth remembering with their wives, the answer they got was that they had no time to think about doing anything else after the last meal.

they said that they suddenly realized that in a very good time in our life, we had not experienced many terrible things, and we were very lucky that "things have to go through."

# I want to track stray dogs for a day # # I want to eat all over Metro Line 1 #

after walking around for half an hour, I can't find the stray dog, or I find it motionless. I began to realize that the life of stray dogs is not as special and interesting as we thought. I was worried that the readers in my group would find it boring, so I suggested whether or not to give up this wish and then help other groups do it.

then a reader said that it would be better to fulfill his wish to "eat all the Metro Line 1" and eat as much as you want.

on the way to eat, I have been wondering if it is not very good for us to do this. The wishes of other groups need a breakthrough, but we temporarily change our wishes to realize a wish that is more like enjoyment. I struggled all the way, but when the reader ate the food he had always wanted, his face was really happy.

he said that it was only at the moment of his first bite that he felt that today was real. He overslept and was late because he couldn't sleep last night. He led the wrong way and was in a state of confusion all day.

it suddenly dawned on me that this was also his wish. They said they didn't know what I was struggling with, didn't they just change their wish, and thisThe activity is to start immediately, isn't it to do whatever comes to mind?

these words suddenly woke me up and even relieved my troubles about writing this month. What am I struggling with? I don't always have to think about what others think and how to write before others will be moved. Just write how you really feel.

when we finally gathered and shared, we sat directly on the steps of the square with a bottle of Vitasoy in our hands.

"We finally don't have to meet on our cell phones. We feel like good friends at first sight, and it feels good to do so many crazy things."

after the event, we fulfilled our last wish of the day on our way to the subway, singing loudly and leaving the earth's surface in the crowd.

when I finally got on the subway and really wanted to be separated, it suddenly occurred to me that we only met for the first time today, but I began to miss you from the moment we separated.

I don't want us to have only the moment when we meet.