Thank you for making my impossibility possible.

Thank you for making my impossibility possible.
The Future and Love

it's 11:00 in the evening of November 15th, 16, and I have just finished my speech in Dongguan City Court.

there are only two hours left tonight, and there are always not enough words to express. So while everyone still remembers the chaos, I want to push the article six months ago that changed the trajectory of my life, as well as the disorganized track.

really, tonight makes me feel at home.

Thank you for every "water army" who applauded us. I can't thank you one by one, but I hope you will be involved in the chaos in the future.

good night.

the above video is a mixed cut of a Chinese-language movie posted by @ mixed cut Captain (Weibo) on Weibo on December 18, 2015. Han Han retweeted it the day before, and this was the first time I saw it.

after clicking on it, I read it over and over again, no less than 20 times.

yesterday my girlfriend came to see me, and I said, "Let me show you something, a super mixed cut."

she said, "I don't want to look at that boring stuff."

I pressed her on the stool and clicked to play. Then, for the next 6 minutes and 49 seconds, instead of saying a word, we held hands and wrote down every word and every word in the video.

have you finished watching the video? Let's listen to a song

this is the first sentence in the video.

I have seen a lot of mixed cuts, all of which are attached to the film itself, and every time there are only two words left in my mouth: "wonderful."

but the captain's mixed cut is different. There are three songs in 6 minutes and 49 seconds, and the whole video is divided into three paragraphs.

the first part is conflict. Women want the future of two people, but men always want to escape the shackles of marriage. There is a conflict between ideal and life, as said in "I am a passer-by A": "you are just like that clock, bad there."

in fact, this is not a matter of men's and women's ideas, but a matter of life and ideals killing each other. We all say that men are rational thinking and women are perceptual thinking, but in fact, if you zoom in to the whole life to think, you will find that women are still rational thinking.

like the women in the film, they want to "live a down-to-earth life". They want life to get better and better. But men are always thinking about their ideals, desperate for ideals, such as the sixth master in "old gun" and the "extras" in "I am a passer-by", even my parents can feel such a shadow.

We believe that "persistence is victory", but life always suddenly slaps you to the ground and tells you that

people without talent don't even have a chance to climb forward.

they love us and worry about the future. Selfless efforts are always limited. They need commitment to paralyze themselves. And commitment, people with a sense of responsibility know how heavy it is.

it is the least valuable, but it can kill people.

and the sadness, disappointment, and even the final light wind after not getting a promise, I will not elaborate here, because this is the second part.

"Let's just break up."

I forgot which movie the heroine said it, but at that moment, I heard the heaviest sadness, which was more heart-wrenching than crying.

the second part is "their" confessions.

in fact, behind the "forced marriage" has never hidden the temptation of interests, it is the performance of no sense of security. In fact, it is not that men do not understand, just because they are often in the balance of love is a strong party. In fact, we have a lot of news that men force women to get married.

while the strong never ignore the situation and thoughts of the weak, they rush forward on their own, thinking that you will cheer me up behind me.

the weak have no choice but to say, "well, marry me."

watching the Venus Show yesterday, the guest who came happened to be Meng Fei. Meng Fei is the host of if you are the one. I have been watching this show with my family every weekend since my second year of high school.

Meng Fei said in the Venus Show: "in so many cases I have come into contact with, the deeper the previous generation is involved in the next generation of marriage, the more unhappy the next generation's marriage will be."

I have a friend whose family is passable, but he has not reached the level of great wealth. But the woman's family is not satisfied because her sister married a rich one.

when my friend told me about this, he drank wine and had foam at the corners of his mouth. He told me word by word:

"you know, it's not enough to have a car and a house, you know?"

the worst thing is that if he wants to rely on his own ability to meet each other's requirements, he will be lucky for three years, and if he is unlucky, he may not be able to climb to that height all his life. But these all take time, but some people he does not need, he is born to meet the requirements of others, to reach the height that he needs to pay for a lifetime.

on the other hand, the weak party is often faced with such a dilemma, perhaps money, perhaps vision, or level of knowledge, and marriage has become the only proof of the relationship between the two people.

and the third part is the confession of "we".

whether you call it narcissism or daydreaming you don't want to wake up, by mixing the movie lines, we do find the excuses that everyone needs. Why is it an excuse, because sometimes we know that we are the ones who don't even have a chance to climb.

the road was too hard, but we were all forced to move forward.

@ mixed clipping captain himself said on Weibo: "I had a movie in my head and was fired by three film and television companies in one quarter from the year I graduated."Today, I have been interviewed by the China Film Archive for three years. I know very well that I still have many shortcomings, so I should guard against arrogance and rashness. "

and the last shot of this mixed cut video is "get out!" "Mr. tumor" shows Xiong Dun riding a motorcycle with Xia Meng in the same ward after being taken to the hospital.

during the summer vacation, I watched the film so moved that I wrote an article about Xiong Dun when I came out of the cinema. At that time, the amount of reading was still very low, just over 2000.

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Why are we so excited when we see snow? "the number of readers is nearly 2W, but I am no longer surprised because I know it deserves to be liked by so many people. Too many people have told me backstage that he also likes writing and wants to join us. But every time I ask them for work, they are speechless and say:

"I like to write, but they are all diaries and have not been published on any platform."