I stole my romantic rival.

I stole my romantic rival.
Letter story F

I am a thief, but I have never been caught because I stole memories.

I don't know when I acquired such a skill. All I know is that as long as I want, I can get into other people's minds and pull out the memory like a thread. But thieves also have the fate of thieves, too many feelings will make me hesitant, so I must be alone.

if you are alone for a long time, you will inevitably have some bad taste. From time to time, I would run out on the street and steal the common memory of the couple who abused the dog in public.

what I am most proud of is that I stole the memory of a couple from falling in love with each other. I was amused to think that they woke up in a hotel and suddenly found themselves lying next to a stranger in a panic.

until I met Xizi.

the first time I saw Xizi, a deaf-mute asked her for money. When Xizi gave twenty yuan to leave, he was suddenly held by the deaf-mute. He said in disgust, "Miss, can you give me more?"

I thought Xizi would walk away angrily. Who knew she smiled and gave another 20 yuan more. She said, "I'm sorry, brother, I can only give you so much. It's cold. Buy more food."

that's when I began to pay attention to Xizi. She is friendly to everyone, including me.

too much emotion can make thieves hesitate, so I don't want company all the time. But after Xizi appeared, I seemed to like this company gradually.

Xizi is very depressed recently. The boy she has been in love with for three years is with someone else. Looking at Xizi who is in a trance every day, I feel very uncomfortable. I want to help her.

I secretly told Xizi that I could help people steal memories. A few days later, she decided to let me steal the memories related to the boy.

the process of stealing memories is very smooth. After Xizi completely forgot the boy, he was no longer tortured by painful memories and had a good time every day.

an accident happened just when I thought everything was going well.

the other day Xizi and I were walking on the road. When we passed a coffee shop, Xizi suddenly slowed down. When I looked back at her, I found her standing in the cupboard window of the coffee shop, tears streaming down silently.

Xizi frowned and touched the window glass with her fingers, looking miserable and confused, thinking as if she were looking for something.

"I suddenly feel so sad." She said.

I know this coffee shop. That boy used to work as a waiter here. Xizi used to like to come to this shop.

the strange thing is, why did Xizi still touch the scene when I had already stolen my memory?

I had a bad feeling in my heart. I ran back to find the couples whose memories I had stolen. I was surprised to find that they were back together again.

I was wrong. It turns out that I can steal memories, but not emotions. Emotion has been integrated with the blood, as long as a small opportunity, those originally engraved into the bones of the feelings will spread crazily, even if they have forgotten what they did at that time, the touch still hurts.

just like you and me, although we often forget something, something important can still arouse our emotions.

when you hear a song, your eyes turn red; when you see something, you feel heart-wrenching pain. Xizi was even more miserable because she had no idea who she was feeling sorry for or why.

until yesterday, Xizi and I were hanging out in the street. In the middle of the walk, she suddenly seemed to be hit hard by something and stayed where she was. I followed her eyes. It was the boy.

when the boy disappeared into the crowd again, Xizi finally couldn't help squatting down, crying bitterly with his knee in the flow of people walking through.

"as soon as I saw him, I felt out of breath. But obviously I don't know him. " Xizi murmured to himself a little dazed.

I bit my lip and told her about stealing the memory.

". Did I decide to forget it? " Xizi bowed her head. "I seem to be wrong. Maybe those memories will make me miserable, but they are so important that they seem to be more painful after losing them."

Xizi decided to retrieve those memories, and I stayed with her without saying a word. It is not difficult to get back memories, as long as you go back to those places where you touch the scene and feel hurt, along the timeline, you can slowly remember everything.

Xizi returned to high school and remembered the first time she saw him. It was one evening in the third year of high school, when she was running in the playground, she kept staring at the boy in front of him in white t. When he suddenly stopped, Xizi accidentally bumped into him.

she came to the coffee shop again, remembering the feeling that her heart was about to jump out when the boy delivered the cappuccino to her hand.

so he was looking for memories while plugging in headphones. After walking more than half of the city, Xizi was suddenly surprised that every scenery around him was related to him.

Xizi remembered everything about that boy.

she gradually withdrew the smile on her face-the memory is ruthless, and she will think of pain when she thinks of the good. She thought of the appearance of the person she liked holding another girl, and the pain that the person she liked was getting farther and farther away from her.

the gentle memories began to become sharp, and Xizi suddenly cried desperately while hammering me desperately: "I thought you agreed to steal those memories, why remind me of all this again."

after a while, her hand collapsed weakly, lowered her head and whispered, "I still think it's better to forget him." Will you steal it again? I'm definitely not going to look for those memories this time. "

I looked at Xizi and sighed softlyWith a breath: "this is the sixth time you have asked me to steal your memory." It turns out that no matter how many times you steal it, you will want to get it back. "

Xizi burst into tears, and she said, "well, how about stealing for the seventh time?" Really, for the last time. " I said, "if you will promise me one condition."

she looked up at me, tears still in the corner of her eyes: "what conditions?"

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I smiled and said, "say you like me, and I'll help you."

Xizi looked at me with an incredible look.

I said, "Don't worry, I'll steal the memory of your confession to me."

"I like you."

this is the seventh time I stole Xizi's memory. The difference is that I stole it along with the memory that she knew me. Only in this way can we break away from the cycle of stealing memories and getting them back.

this is why thieves should not have too much emotion.

in fact, I can steal my memory of Xizi, but I know better than anyone that it doesn't work.

Love is a kind of intuition, it has nothing to do with memory. Even if you have never seen each other in your previous life, you are destined to like each other before you meet, and there is no reason why.

believe me, because I have stolen too many similar memories.

We always think that to forget is to let go. But in fact, "forgetting" is just an escape. Just because you lock something in a cupboard doesn't mean it disappears. It will always exist. As long as that person appears in front of you, you will still be sad to death.

some people even think that as long as they "forget" everything, they can become cool and chic, but this is just a mask.

who have you forgotten? Good night.