I want to change the world with you.

I want to change the world with you.
& quot; I just don't want to fit in with your group & quot; /Yuanxiayi "what on earth is the purpose of living and what is the point of living?" I often think about this question, and I always feel that thousands of people

"what on earth is living for and what is the point?"

I often think about this problem, and I always feel that it is too boring to come to this world and turn to dust after a hundred years of mediocrity after hard work to win 200 million sperm.

I often hear people say, "one must always have a dream in order to live a meaningful life. Otherwise, what's the difference from a salted fish?"

I wonder what my dream is, writing all the time. Or do you keep singing? Or something else I like to do?

I also feel that these things are too superficial to make my life meaningful. If I call these things dreams, why can't my dream be drinking lemon tea all the time?

I like what Ke Jingteng said in those years: "my dream is that I want this world, which is a little different because of my existence." To this day, this sentence is still my standard answer to the question about "dream".


talking to the translator teacher today, he told me that he had been translating medical literature recently and came home every night. Besides working and preparing lessons, he kept looking up materials, looking up dictionaries and doing translations. I can't wash up and go to bed until two or three o'clock.

anyone who knows English majors knows that medical translation is the most difficult task in translation, because across a professional field, there are too many unfamiliar proper nouns and definitions.

I asked the teacher why he didn't choose some relatively simple translation work, such as literary translation.

"at large, it is for the progress of human medicine, but it is tacky because someone has to do it." In his middle age, he still said this like a high-spirited teenager.

because the latest literature is in English, most medical researchers cannot read it directly, so translators must build a bridge for Chinese and foreign doctors. Despite the hard work, they feel that all this hard work is meaningful, which is one of the reasons to support their work.

I am not a good student. I have skipped countless classes, but I do not want to skip translation classes because I admire him from the bottom of my heart.

just like writing, many people don't understand, and I understand what they don't understand, just as people who don't have the same experience can't really have the concept of "empathy". There is no shortage of voices of opposition along the way.

when my words are read by tens of thousands of people, when I see a reader saying "Thank you" backstage, when the text becomes a force to change, influence others, and ease some people's troubles, I begin to believe that the world may be a little better because of me.

if the world can be changed by our efforts, even a little bit, then the hard work is not hard.


in my heart, I am actually very disdainful of the matter of "live broadcast". Live games, live meat selling, live fishing, live duck leg rice, every time I see these seven seven eight eight live broadcasts, I complain 5 million times in my heart.

because I can't find the real value and meaning of these things.

until I saw an old professor of Shandong University using live broadcast to teach for primary school students in the mountains, it made me re-examine this thing that I had always disdained.

in fact, it is no different from writing. Some people transmit unhealthy values through writing, while others use it to warm and cheer them up. Some people use it to make a fortune in the bubble economy generated by live broadcasting. Others use it to make the world a little better.

I have heard that because the teaching level of teachers in mountain areas is limited, children can only learn a little bit of Chinese and math, but they are eager for knowledge. Although there is now live teaching, the number of volunteer teachers is still not enough.

so Dongguan Ping an Life Insurance has launched a public welfare activity of "one education a week" and is inviting excellent volunteer teachers from all over the country to give lessons for the students.

this may be an opportunity for us to make the world a better place, an opportunity to make our lives more meaningful. Click "read the original text" to sign up and quietly change the world with me.

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