Without WIFI and 4G, how can I get close to you?

Without WIFI and 4G, how can I get close to you?
The closest stranger.

I do not know when to rely on the Internet has become a sin, the pursuit of "slow down" has become a trend, saying that mobile phones make us more distant, and even go to the toilet to take a bath with mobile phones, for fear of missing millions in those ten minutes.

there was a time in high school to prove that I had a great skill of getting away from my mobile phone, so I turned it off and didn't take it with me when I went out. On the third day, I finally couldn't help it. I remember running back to the dormitory on the day of the holiday. I took out my phone from under my pillow, plugged the sim card into the slot, turned it on, and waited nervously for those missed messages.

at that time, I wondered whether I was trying to prove that I was cool, that I could stay away from wifi and 4G, or that I could really quit my cell phone. Of course, it turns out that I can't help being online at all. Because I have to admit, for me at that time, there were more important people waiting for me on the other side of the Internet than those around me.

the first time I received a red bomb, it was my best friend Tea's wedding invitation. She graduated three years ago because I met her when I was playing Dream Zhu Xian in junior high school. Once I was playing strange practice alone, and when I asked for help on the World Channel after several failures, she happened to be passing by to help. We played strange together once, but we chatted and found that we were very congenial, so we became friends.

later, I found out that she and I were from the same city. When I first made an appointment, I was in my first year of high school, but she was already going to study in France. She said she wanted to meet me before leaving, and I skipped class that day to see her. I thought the girls playing games were very cool. I didn't expect tea to be so gentle, with long curly hair and elegant red skirt, very romantic, like a French woman with great flavor.

that's a freshman in high school. I can't envy him in his fat blue-and-white school uniform. We just met for the first time, and since then we have become friends from other places. I form a team with her on Mengchu every day. In addition to playing monsters, we also talk about our daily life in the suburbs. She talked about the handsome Frenchman she met, and I could only complain that the guy at my back table had secretly tied a knot in my hair.

in my second year of high school, I stopped playing Mengchu, and I seldom touched my computer, so I could only play Weibo on my mobile phone. Once in the middle of the night, Tea sent me a long private message. She said that during the period when I was not playing games, she seemed to have lost her best friend. During this period of time in France, many people courted her, but she always seemed to be alone. After class every day, she went back to a person's dormitory to do craftsmanship. Roommates went to bars in groups. In foreign countries, it is difficult to make friends without clubbing.

then the tea at this time started playing Mengchu again, and it was at this time that she met Ah Fan on Mengchu. Once when she was looking for someone to cross the main line on the World Channel in the game, A Fan found her. Ah Fan is a great divine figure in that service area, and tea, which has not played games for a long time, has become a rookie again. Ah Fan, who passed the main line together, became the master of tea, playing and chatting with the main line, along with the biography, without complaint.

Tea, which is a little busy in the course, often hangs up and is busy with homework, killing Ah Fan, the master of online for almost 24 hours. Then one day, A Fan left a message that he was busy at work and stopped playing games. The two broke up the relationship between master and apprentice and never contacted each other again. Tea returned to the state of being alone again.

A month later on the weekend, when Tea was intimate with the game's "fiance" in Caomiao Village, A Fan suddenly appeared and asked her fiance to compete. Tea had some surprises, but still asked him angrily, what are you doing? Ah Fan said, I like you, you can't marry him.

Tea private letter tells me that I am in love, but we are in a long-distance relationship. I asked her, is it reliable to maintain a relationship with the Internet? Tea said that it is precisely because we can not see each other, such an unguarded chat, so that we can understand better. It is precisely because we can not see each other often, can not be day-to-night pair, in order to be more able to accompany.

like all long-distance relationships, they are in restrained company and share their daily lives on the Internet. Ah Fan even told Tea after having fried rice or covered rice at noon today. He said, We will not meet each other, so I want to tell you every detail of my experience, just like you have experienced everything I have experienced.

Tea was so moved that she asked a French friend to take a picture of herself and stood in front of the tower. She said, "how do you do? my name is Tea." This is their first meeting. Since then, I have been in online love for four years, and this is the most shocking long-distance relationship I have ever seen, because their way of dating is simply to look at the moon on the small bamboo peak in the game and dress up Mengchu's home together. The only meeting can only be at Christmas every year, when tea leaves and returns home.

in May this year, Tea completed her last course exam in Paris. her dormitory building was on fire and the power was off. After A Fan received the wind, no matter in Mengchu, Wechat or by phone, she could not contact Tea. Ah Fan, who had not slept all night, had already begun to call to check her ticket to Paris.

24 hours later, he received a message from Cha Cha that he only stayed up late for the exam for a week and slept in the dormitory for a whole day after the exam. the burning dormitory building was several blocks away from the building where he lived.

on that day, A Fan was smoking up a pack of cigarettes outside the airport, and when he put out the last cigarette, he said to Tea, whatever you do in the future, you must keep in touch with me. You have to remember that you are no longer living alone.

he said, Tea, when you come back, we'll get married.

after coming back from Dali, I went to Guangzhou and met with tea. She told me such a long story that four years later, she was going to get married, and I was no longer the schoolgirl who wore a blue-and-white school uniform and quarreled with the boys at the back table and bothered about the college entrance examination. Wearing my favorite dress, I sat in the coffee shop, talking about my ups and downs like the tea I first saw a few years ago, like telling a storybook.

Tea cut her hair short and looked more capable, and she stopped wearing a long skirt and put on jeans. She said, I heard that recentlyIt's amazing to have Fantasy Zhu Xian Mobile. I actually met my best friend and the other half of my life through a game. They always say that the virtual network can not be trusted, but I always think that it is through such a barrier that we can get to know each other better. On the contrary, with the people around us, day to night, but do not speculate, no one is willing to leave.

I recall that from the time I went out to college, I thought what she said was quite reasonable. After three years of college, I basically communicated with my parents, my working brothers and sisters, and my friends in various cities through the Internet, and it seemed that the farther away I was, the more honest I was with each other. You can say anything. You don't need to be on your guard.

every time I open the Internet, it is like opening the mailbox on my doorstep when I was a child. Those red dots flashing to indicate unread messages are like waiting for a letter that needs to be sent over a long distance. Even if I am thousands of kilometers away, unlike meeting each other, I feel each other's expression, but I will be moved by some details of the text with a smile and warmth.

when I was in primary school, I heard Lin Junjie's "always online" because of an online advertisement. That year, I liked to dream and kill someone and use the excuse of playing strange together to become a virtual master, apprentice or couple, decorating our virtual home together. In that year, when I missed a person, I could only go to qq, see whether the head was colored or gray, and still care who took the initiative if I wanted to get in touch.

A VIP group will be set up for you that year. Now we are chatting at the top. In that year, we wrote about it, but now it has been posted and deleted in moments.

I was your always online that year, and now we have our own always online.

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maybe the only thing that doesn't change is that I never put my phone down, I never quit online, and I never plan to stop sharing the details of my life, because I know that those important people can't see me, but they are all on the other side of the Internet, waiting to know me.