You just sit and wait to die.

You just sit and wait to die.
Why you should look forward to the start of school.

when I was a child, I hated the word "start of school" most.

it means that my mother goes to bed on time with a coat hanger on time, which means that I like but don't like my female classmate with a single ponytail, a physics teacher who is not standard in Mandarin, and a place in which I fight for the place every time. I don't like the school because I can never be the master in it. I always look like a manipulated puppet. And it is a puppet with the ability to think, but can't resist.

when I was in junior high school, I read an article by Han Han called "taking a bath in a cotton-padded jacket". Although my Chinese is only at the junior high school level, I can know that Han Han is judging this kind of all-round examination-oriented education. At that time, this article was circulated countless times in our class, and everyone would read it every time they failed in the exam. later, the Chinese teacher found out and commented on this article specially in the class. The final conclusion is:

"it's not my fault." these words are rubbish. "

so I hate the beginning of school. Because you don't have the freedom to choose, you don't even have the freedom to "don't choose". If you neglect your class, you will be accused of being "slow to react". Teachers wear polo shirts and glasses and make a quip from time to time to look young, and your happiness or unhappiness is controlled by their red pen. The frog in the well thinks that the sky is round, and I also think that learning is like this, always restricted and forced.

later, I was lucky enough to work as a summer job in the factory for two months. I no longer needed my mother's supervision. I went to bed obediently at ten o'clock in the evening. Because I have to be in place at eight o'clock the next morning, my salary will be deducted if I am late. No one in the factory dares to call me rubbish anymore, because the hourly wage of 6 yuan speaks for itself.

Green rubber floors, one assembly line after another, young people and middle-aged women in blue uniforms, all wearing hats, repeat in their respective positions: put different sizes of iron into different sizes, and finally hit it with a small hammer to ensure safety.

growing up, I went to an advertising agency for an interview. In the building near the landmark building, people in and out of the door seem to be in the wind in suits, which means that it is relatively fair, and all employees can fight for their own salary level through their own ability. the key is that it doesn't have to clock in yet, and there are no restrictions on the supply of snacks and drinks.

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but then I learned that the salary in the first half of the year was so low that you couldn't maintain a slightly decent life, and you might not even be able to get sick.

before I got to know it, I thought I would be a winner in life, but finally I found that this was only the beginning of the law of the jungle. You can't blame those adults for becoming more and more numb, why this society is becoming more and more utilitarian, and why people start not to talk about literature, but only "money means dignity."

because being able to live well has been regarded as a success.

even myself, I slowly began to agree with the saying that "only when you have money, you have dignity".

so I began to look forward to the beginning of school.

it means that we can start all over again, can be temporarily unutilitarian, can only do what we want to do in college, can travel around poor, or even "poor dating". Your girlfriend will not blame you for having no money, because you are a student. Your boyfriend will not blame you for having no taste, because you are a student.

of course, you can also make a series of study plans before the start of school. Because many people will do this before the start of school, and then slowly forget, think of it and keep blaming themselves. But it doesn't matter, those who persevere will often become the strong part of the law of the jungle, while those who can only laugh at themselves will become weak.

in fact, it's not that they didn't think about the result, they just didn't figure it out.

I didn't figure out why I became weak, why I could only kill time through the computer, why other people's time was valuable, why I didn't figure it out, I didn't figure out anything.

so in the end, they decided not to think about anything.

then, like a newborn baby, after being pushed into the great forest of society by time, he found that he had nothing, no fig leaf, no armor, let alone nothing to attack. He had to cry and say, "if I had known I had studied hard, don't waste my time."

I hope that when I see you here, you will not be as fragile as tofu and will be broken as soon as you are touched. If we survive for a long time, we will lose our ability to survive.

I don't agree with wolf culture, but I hope you can protect yourself and the people around you.

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finally, I can secretly do what I want to do.