You can't go through fire and water any more. You'll do whatever you say.

You can't go through fire and water any more. You'll do whatever you say.
Why am I always so impulsive?

during the meeting until the wee hours of the morning, lulu asked me, eel whale, what did you learn in college that made you progress the fastest?

I thought for a moment, and I said, "I am a very impulsive and blind person, and the first lesson I learned in college may be to keep peace of mind at all times, no matter what happens."

while watching July and Anson, Anson got on the train with her band-playing boyfriend. It was the first time she left home, went to a strange city, took a man as a stronghold, did all kinds of work, laughed in the tobacco-and-alcohol-smelling crowd, and then sank down again, remembering her friends in July and writing to July.

soon Anson bumped into her rock boyfriend in the back alley of the bar. She smashed his guitar and began to live her life in the city where she had traveled a long way for him.

my mother in July said that the twists and turns of life are not necessarily unhappy, but very hard.

but at the end of the film, Ansheng led a completely different life, becoming a serious office worker with no ear holes, no dyed hair, no impulse to go through fire and water. Because after all the hard work, she still decided not to go through so much trouble.

in fact, young people like to mess around, because when they are not responsible, the word "impulse" is the best excuse.

went shopping with L. After entering a boutique, she couldn't stop trying on clothes like crazy. I also tried them with her. Later, she bought two skirts and a pair of shoes, but I didn't buy them.

when we went to dinner after buying the bill, she found that she had already brushed out the living expenses in her card. She was suddenly very sad and closed the menu and said, "forget it, I won't eat." I asked her, didn't we come to this restaurant to eat? 'i was so impulsive, 'she said.' you didn't stop me.

I would have invited her to dinner to pay for her impulse, but I didn't that day. Because I know that the best way is to let her pay for her own impulses, and everyone should pay for their own choices.

two days ago, I took an hour's bus to take my faulty camera to the repair shop. I was told by the shopkeeper that the motherboard of the camera had been burnt out, and the price for the motherboard was 1 kilogramme, which could be repaired and checked out. When I went out the door, I opened my wallet, Alipay, Wechat, and found that all the money on me added up to only enough to change 1/2 motherboards.

that day, my friend learned that she said, "you are really unlucky. Your mobile phone, computer and camera are all broken. I deeply sympathize with you." Then she added, she said, but it's a good thing you have money.

when I went back, I stood by the side of the road, my phone was parked on the taxi page, and I hesitated between the 7.5 Didi and the two-yuan bus. I remembered that a month ago, I made an appointment with Zhang Jingzhi to eat sushi. I was at the bus stop with a through taxi. Because I didn't want to wait for two more minutes, I took a taxi to the sushi restaurant alone, which cost 31 yuan.

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I remember that I went on an unplanned trip during the summer vacation, and I squandered all the mobility savings I had saved in the past two years because of my missed flight and impulse.

during the trip, Zhang complained, "look at the online celebrities who write books. They leave as soon as they say. In fact, they all have a plan." On the other hand, when the eel whale says to go, it really means to go without thinking about anything. "

in the past, I must have thought he was stupid. But after listening to it that day, I reflected for a long time. Is it really worth it? It is really cool to say and leave on impulse, but the firewood, rice and salt after impulse is very bitter.

the window seat on the bus that night, I was thinking about how I could earn money to make up, instead of how to ask my parents for money to fill it in.

at that moment, I suddenly realized that I was too old to be cool on impulse.

growing up, no matter what I do, my family will not stop me, because they know that as long as I want to do, it is useless to stop me, and the more you stop me, the more I resist, so the policy adopted by our family is to let go.

I got a freedom of tacit understanding. Until my first year of college, when I came home during the summer vacation, one evening after dinner, I accompanied my mother for a walk. She told me that you, ah, have always been impulsive since childhood. Sometimes parents don't want to work against you, but they just don't want you to work too hard.

once blind enough to ignore the consequences, books can be ignored, time can be wasted, money can be wasted, and self-esteem can be put down to retain a person. But now, I have a lot of worries, and I'm starting to think, I can't skip too many classes, I'm going to graduate, and I'm starting to think, I can't waste my time, I'm going to spend the shortest time to create the highest value, and I'm starting to realize that if I spend 200 yuan on a dress, I may struggle for a long time to eat a McDonald's in the next week.

I'm even starting to think that it's better to be with an ordinary person who doesn't like so much than to be looked down upon by the one you like again.

Today, Yang Qianwei's "Yong" is being broadcast in the bookstore. I find that I am no longer obsessed with the phrase "still devote myself to the injury without feeling pain", because all I hear is, "I am not fearless."

it turns out that "impulse" is the same as "initiative", it will be tired after a long time.

I'm tired. I don't want to go through fire and water and do whatever I say.