You are in my New year's resolution.

You are in my New year's resolution.
Is that okay?

I have heard the same exclamation from different populations under different circumstances: how fast this year has passed.

the tough 2020 is almost over. We launched a solicitation and readers shared their vision for 2021.

so I'd like to share some of my expectations for 2021 with you right before the start of the New year.


is as smooth as you planned. "

I hope I can get a good class next year, and of course I hope to get it together.

I hope to be admitted to the civil service next year, try my best to repay the mortgage, and do something important for the rest of my life.

I hope everything goes well in 2021. I hope I can work hard in the same city with the person I like, even if I am in a different place. I hope my sister will soon find the happiness that belongs to her. I hope my parents will be healthy. I hope my good friends will be happy and happy. I hope we can all get better and better.

next year, we will work harder to fight for our loved ones and forge ahead bravely for our wishes.

I hope to start a business smoothly next year, take my driver's license, travel with friends, honeymoon with my wife, and take wedding photos!

I hope my girlfriend will be successfully admitted to graduate school.

when they make their New year's resolutions, they do not forget to solemnly put another person, others, into their expectations.

I think such a person must be very happy in real life.

time with friends

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then the score in 2021 is no longer important. Just hope you can improve yourself. Make sure you are studying every day.

although I still owe money, I was unlucky to be cheated out of money, borrowed money, and lost my job until I went back to work.

this year, I have been exposed to fitness. I go to exercise almost every day. I am more and more confident and in better shape. I did something I didn't dare to do before, and I went to see live. Hope that life is getting better and better, I can also save money to see more live and concerts.

there are results without regrets; ambition is not depraved.

although the weight loss goal was not achieved and gained a few pounds, it was diagnosed as mild depression with anxiety, but the general direction is still good. After returning to work this year, I changed a job and traveled twice, which seems to have fulfilled my expectations.

"that's nice." It's the sigh in my heart when I look at these New year's resolutions above.

but they seem to have done it.

on the way home from fitness, I found that the moon was very sharp and bright, and I was in a good mood.

"find happiness that you used to have.

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