Will a young man like me have a future?

Will a young man like me have a future?
With you, there is a future.


the day before, Mu Yi said that she went home for a few days of mourning, but only released a few repressed songs, so she was taken by her mother to see a psychiatrist.

every once in a while, there will be a few days of sadness. I don't want to do anything. I want to lean against the wall when I find it. I want to squat when I stand on the road. When I go out, I must take a taxi from my door to my destination. GE you lie down when I get home. I don't want to talk to anyone, like a skeleton rack with clothes hanging, and even the symptoms of intermittent suspicion of life.

it's like every summer vacation in the past, it was always planned at the beginning, but after half of the holiday, we will feel very depressed, because you have no idea what you have done besides staying up late and getting up late during this period of time. If you haven't read a book, you'll feel depressed.

A friend went to work as an intern. When she arrived, she found that her daily work was sitting at her desk playing a play and waiting for work. She had no salary and no input of knowledge. She lost her life in her forties and fifties. She told me that I was only 20 years old, but now I feel like a loser.

so today, I collected some stories related to "mourning".


busy dogs feel full, just like the athletes in the Olympic Games, we go all out before the finish line and forget all the unhappiness and emptiness for the time being.

but after everyone left at dawn, I went back to the one-person dormitory. I took a bath and slept from 7: 00 in the morning to 7: 00 in the evening. When I woke up, it was dark, dark and quiet. I sat in my chair and suddenly felt terribly depressed. I felt as if I was involved in a huge black hole. I needed to be alone at that moment, but there was no one I knew at the school on holiday.

I suddenly miss my home that I haven't been back for three months, because after thinking about it for a long time, I find that the activity will be over and everyone will leave. Only my home is there, open 24 hours a day. They will not make me happy, they will not force me to forge ahead, they will not let me sleep for 12 hours and wake up to find that I am the only one in the world, they will give me a 24-hour refrigerator with fresh food.

every time I am unhappy, Fanshuo always tells me to take a bath and sleep, and I will be fine tomorrow.

but we all know that some emotions cannot be solved by taking a bath and sleeping.

it's like five or six o'clock in the morning, when there is no fog in front of you, but you somehow feel that without sense of security, even the bus stop on the side of the road will be regarded by you as the enemy.

(12-hour "relieving annoyance" dawn sharing session)


Eason Chan has a song called "everything is all right". Every time I was depressed, I listened to it because there was a sentence, "Why is the mood so low, my God?" every time I heard this, I would get a strong resonance.

Last week we had a 12-hour sleep together. Before that night, I had been stuck on a manuscript all day. Before the participants arrived, I held a computer and slumped on the couch at the entrance of the event. I couldn't write anything, didn't want to move, and I didn't want to reply to anyone talking to me. To what extent is it bereft? I remember the editor never scolded me before, but he scolded me for the first time that day.

after being scolded, I went back to the hotel room to wash my face. Standing in front of the mirror, I said to myself, "you have to be professional, no one needs to pay for your negative energy." then I put on my work card and put the battery into the camera. Before I left the room, I took a deep breath, "123, smile," took out my room card, turned the handle, and closed the door.

("Sleeping together" night chat)

that night we talked until more than three o'clock, and everyone was sharing their deepest feelings in recent years, but I was too tired to move. I almost fell asleep when I leaned on Vivi's shoulder, but at that moment I no longer felt "sad" or "sad", but was satisfied. Because they all look so happy when they are present.

the next day, I still went back to the dormitory alone, but this time, instead of losing my heart, I picked myself up and cooked a meal for myself. Because I finally realized that the reason for the frequent occurrence of "bereavement" is that I am aware of my "incompetence".

because you can't do something, you're incompetent, and because you're incompetent, you can't do it. Over time, it became a "funeral".

but later found that the phrase "you should be professional" could not get me out of this extremely negative emotion.


on that day, Qixi Festival, we had an activity of "falling in love for one day". Lots were drawn to randomly assign couples for one day, and men and women distributed in two areas would be taken to a room separately. When the two sides meet for the first time, they have to hug for one minute, which is called the awkward first intimate contact. Later, my "one-day boyfriend" told me that I was so excited when I opened the door that as soon as I entered the room and didn't know who the other person was, I just said, "come on, hug it, let's go." His first impression of me was "a vibrant optimist".

on the date that day, I said yes to what the other party said to play. He said to play mobile games, I said yes, I went with you, he said baking, girls were more interested, I said yes, I was interested. But I couldn't get excited after I hadn't slept well for a week. The other person asked me, "do you think you've been performing since this day?" I thought for a long time, "Yes, I keep reminding myself to be professional, and then hide my funeral."

he asked me if you could not perform.Just be yourself?

then we sat in the rocking chair of a dessert shop eating smoothies. The rocking chair was so comfortable that I finally plucked up the courage to say frankly, "I'm so tired, can I just sit like this and not go anywhere?" He said yes, he borrowed my shoulder. So in the noisy business circle, I borrowed the shoulder of a boy I met for the first time and fell asleep.

at that time, I thought I was so depressed that I couldn't see the future, but when I woke up for 15 minutes, I suddenly felt full of blood. We took ID photos of the couple and went to see the Ferris wheel. Now I have said goodbye to my depression.

I used to think that "bereavement" was because I didn't have a person around me who could help me solve problems. That day, I found out that I didn't need someone to help me solve problems. I just needed someone who happened to be willing to borrow my shoulder.

(hundred Yuan Love participates in cp)


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every time you feel depressed, you want to hide. It's not because you really have the ability to deal with this emotion. You don't really don't want to see people. You're just afraid that people will hate the negative energy conveyed from me and hate me. I'm afraid they'll try their best to give you chicken soup to teach you how to be positive. You're afraid you're obviously tired. But also to cater to their topic to mechanically pull the corners of the mouth, you are afraid of the comfort of others when you are unhappy, afraid of empathy, afraid of others trying to help you solve the problem.

because when you are in mourning, you need to be "professional", "camouflage" and "beat chicken blood" in front of others, but what you need more is someone who can show it in front of him. You may just want to hear the other person's voice. Maybe you just need a hug. Maybe you just want to borrow the other person's shoulder.

in fact, what you want is never comfort, not reason, not others to teach you how to be happy, what you want is to be honest without reservation.

listen to him say: "in fact, I can accept both positive and negative energy."

I once thought that "mourning" would lead to death, but in fact, "bereavement" could not lead to death. It's just a maze, a labyrinth in which one can never get out. So if you can't hold on, you might as well ask someone else to increase your blood.

mourning is not so unbearable, don't push it alone.