Why does my mother always want me to come home before ten o'clock?

Why does my mother always want me to come home before ten o'clock?
& quot; loves herself before he loves others & quot

"do you want to buy some medicine for you? don't you know how to see a doctor at school?" I said to Joey on the other end of the phone in a disgruntled tone, "forget it. You're always so capricious anyway. I don't want to talk to you if you're not your friend."

Joey is a girl who doesn't pay attention to rest and diet, has a long-term irregular cold and stomachache, but never goes to see a doctor. Although I have never understood why some people, like shaking M, let it go when they are sick, and let their nose get hot and torment themselves, as roommates, they have to take care of them.

when I opened the door and returned to the dormitory with the bitter tea bought from the drugstore and the tetanus from the school clinic, I found that there was exactly the same western medicine of bitter tea on Joey's desk. She said that another friend who was worried about her had just arrived with the medicine on the table. I said, "you'll be fine. There are so many people running around to help you worry that you won't get better when you're sick."

but she didn't care about my envious tone and pouted, "but none of them are the people I want to see."

hearing her say this, I finally understand why Joey always refuses to see a doctor willfully, because she is waiting for the person she wants to see to ask her for warmth, so she would rather let her cold turn into a high fever, dry mouth and listless, and continue to wait without paying any attention to her health.

while reading in the dormitory at night, while Joey was taking a shower, I pressed a note under her mobile phone and said, "the meaning of self-love is not to learn to love yourself to love others, but to make others love you better."

recently I saw such a passage on Weibo.

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"there is no one who likes to be caught in the rain, but she doesn't have an umbrella and no one is comfortable if she doesn't eat on time. It's just that no one tells her to remember to eat. There is no one who likes to stay up late, but she doesn't know what she is waiting for, and the performance is getting stronger and stronger, but she thinks it doesn't matter if she is alone. It's just that she wants you to love her, and she can love you more than herself. "

many people will say that such a girl is very desperate, but as a girl, I know that this is a kind of waiting, a kind of childish waiting. When there is a person living in his heart, he will wait for that person to knock on the door to take care of himself, so he will torture himself with bitter meat to attract attention at all times when he needs to be taken care of, when he is sick, when he is in the rain, or when he stays up late.

I understand because I have been such a person. Just like in the past, when I stayed up late, I always said to others, "I'm going to be busy", "I'm in a hurry" or "I can't get used to it." in fact, I was afraid to admit, "I'll wait a little longer. I hope he can come to me and say good night."

after a long period of waiting and staying up late, the skin is getting worse and worse, the dark circles under the eyes can not be eliminated with balls, and there are more and more distracting moments during the day, but the dialog box in the mobile phone always stays on the previous record.

so I was lucky to know earlier than Joey that there are some things you can't wait for, you have to admit, don't torture yourself, and then live on, go to bed on time, exercise, read more books, take care of yourself a little more, and that's good.

more and more people who take the initiative to show their nice side have appeared, which makes it clear to me that only by living a good life can we give ourselves enough sense of security. Carrying a mobile power source, a clear plan and hard-earned work in your schoolbag is "self-love" and is qualified to be loved by others.

some people have complained to me that their family members like to say that girls should go home early, girls should behave, girls should take care of their bodies, and some family rules even say, "you must be home by ten o'clock." At that time, I did not understand, and even disgusted. I felt that these words were like foot-binding cloth in the old days, binding people.

later, I heard my friend talk about abortions by people around me. At that time, I felt angry for the girl who had had an abortion, because the irresponsible attitude of my ex-boyfriend and his bad record of cheating made it even worse for a girl who had devoted herself physically and mentally. What is even more distressing is that her previous ex-boyfriend has already done such excessive things to her as hitting people.

but my friend asked me a question: "have you ever wondered why some girls always meet scum boys?"

I don't know, he continued: "if a person is a gangster, he will live in a gangster circle all day to do trafficking; if a person is high achiever, then he will shuttle between the library and the laboratory 24 hours a day to do academic research." Then, on the other hand, if a person is always with a scumbag and is always hurt by a scumbag, does she have no sense of self-protection and no bottom line for love? "

it turns out that "coming home before ten o'clock" is not a kind of feudalism or mistrust, but a requirement. A girl is required to take good care of herself when she is ill, to pay attention to safety when she is out, and to have her own love view when she is in love. Because you love yourself, you can make others cherish you better.

when I was a freshman, I knew a senior sister who was under a lot of pressure at work. She was in love for a while, and she couldn't accompany her boyfriend with a full work plan. I asked her, anyway, they were all internships, so why not put off the work first? have a good and sweet first.

she said a paragraph that I still remember: "if a person only wants to supplement his inner emptiness and desire through the care and care of outsiders, he will only worry about gain and loss." Work for me, fullness and happiness come from there, work and love are a part of life, once the imbalance is equivalent to the loss of self. If you can't even be satisfied with your own life, how can you fall in love? "

finally, I would like to share a paragraph, which is a brief introduction to "Love yourself before loving others" today: "if you love someone, you will glow on ta, and later you will find that you can also shine on yourself." A lot of times we can't believe that the perfect ta fell in love with such an ordinary me, self-hatred and self-loathing.Love distances us from love. Learn to love yourself before you love others. "

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