When you want to give up, you can do multiple choice questions first.

When you want to give up, you can do multiple choice questions first.
"forget it" should not be without hesitation.

Guangzhou has begun to be a little hot in March. I stood at the crossroads with my mobile phone, looking at the students, office workers and elderly people coming towards me, deceiving my family that they had found a job in a pretentious tone of voice.

this year is really not very friendly for graduate students.

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not to mention. Liang's school is in Wuhan.

first notify the grade on the 11th, then postpone it to the 20th, and then synchronize with the start of the school year.

is not only the suffering of mentality, the delay of time, but also means that the chance of re-examination and adjustment is getting smaller.

during this long waiting period, with more and more inquiries from his relatives and friends, he thought that the big stone in his heart had not yet fallen to the ground and could not sleep anxiously.

at 9: 00 a.m. on the 21st, A Liang checked his grades and failed to get ashore because of a difference of 4 points between English and the passing line.

parents' eyes flashed a trace of disappointment, but soon laughed: "it's all right, just take the exam again."

hearing this consolation, A Liang's desire to give up became stronger, and he was afraid of letting his parents down again.

Jane has been on the job for eight years, but recently, he has started to think about leaving.

after graduating from the University of Finance and Economics, she worked as an auditor in a foreign company.

as she became proficient in the business, she found that there were many things in her work that were different from what she had imagined.

for example, the reported data are often made up for performance indicators, or for example, the new boss likes to "draw a big pie" and often makes the whole department jump because of an impractical idea.

at the end of last year, the company moved from the city center to the suburbs, and going to work every day was like crossing provinces. Jane couldn't stand it and mentioned to his family the idea that he was going to resign.

parents changed their faces when they heard this: "your job is stable and free, so why do you want to leave?"

because of this, they quarreled many times, and their relationship with their parents once fell to a freezing point.

26-year-old Ajie became a father this year.