When you lose someone very important.

When you lose someone very important.
Life is a farewell.

after a period of noise, the blush on their faces is not only the temperature brought by alcohol, but also the excitement, emotion, and even fatigue they should have in such an atmosphere.


my girlfriend saw my abnormality and teased me: "Why did you lose your mind when attending other people's weddings?"

everyone is the same, knowing nothing about what hasn't happened, and I was no exception that night. I could only drink a little and lie in bed early.

but before I woke up, a phone rang woke me up.

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I was so calm that I took over the work at hand, booked the most suitable flight, my girlfriend helped me pack the most compact luggage, and then I was on my way back to my hometown.

while waiting for the plane, I asked several friends who had experienced similar things to write down what needed to be done one by one, board the plane, lean against the edge of the window, and look at everything in the shrinking city.

it is possible that smallness is always relative, as is the case in cities far from the ground, and so is life and death, which is not something that can be called "amazing".

worried about my mother and to make sure the funeral went smoothly, I didn't even have time to grieve.

after I got off the plane, I sat in a taxi. There were several streets outside the window that my father used to drive me through when I was a child. I couldn't stop crying at the thought of this.

Yes, as the only son, I am responsible for preparing everything.

maybe a little wrong, but when preparing, I always think of all the weddings, funerals, and even college banquets and birthday banquets I have attended since childhood.

I had time to write a sentence on Weibo: people are really good at escaping animals, using rituals to escape from everything that is taken for granted.

"in what way?" I was a little confused and asked her.

maybe, the toast at the wedding is the beginning of a new life, and the funeral I'm going through is also the beginning of a new life for the living.

for example, on the seventh day after death, the family must not cry, because those who died that day will come back to have a look, and only when they see that everyone is not so sad will they leave safely.


actually not, the ceremony itself is nostalgia.

when I went from the plane to my hometown, which also became small, I actually felt that everything in front of me was no longer small.

I think of a plot in Yang Dechang's movie "one by one". Only a six-or seven-year-old child's foreign mother-in-law died. He stood in front of his mother-in-law's portrait and said to his mother-in-law:

mother-in-law, there are so many things I don't know, so, do you know what I want to do in the future? I'm going to tell people what they don't know and show them what they can't see. I think it must be fun every day. Maybe one day, I'll find out where you've been. At that time, can I tell you and ask you to come and see you?

I took out the picture of my father in my wallet and felt the same as Yang Yang.

is not simply aging in the sense of age, but these rituals make me do more "old" things.

it's a dramatic thing to attend a wedding on the same day and then start preparing for the funeral.

maybe it's the coincidence of life. I use the "ritual" thing to connect everything and try to find a reason to accept everything.

is no different from a wedding or a funeral, whether willingly or rightly so, attend gracefully.

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