When does it make you sure that the other person doesn't like you?

When does it make you sure that the other person doesn't like you?
Every moment.

Ono called me on the green train to Dali, and she asked me, do you remember when we drank on the school grass on February 29, when I said, four years later, do we have to bring our boyfriends back here?

Why is it today four years later? I have forgotten it at all.

"have you forgotten, because February 29 only happens once in four years?"

after saying this, she paused for a few seconds, then choked up and told me, "Sorry, I may not be able to do it."

A week before I came to Dali, Ono was happy to tell me that she was about to get out of her own business. she described every sweet detail to me. I sat in the stairwell of the dormitory and listened, looking at the lights of the other party's dormitory building and complaining that she was forced to abuse her dog. Secretly, she was glad that after so many bad peach blossoms, she finally found someone to be with.

but that night on the train, I sat by the window with the lights out and received a call from her. She said, eel whale, I'm sorry, he doesn't like me at all.

I asked her how to be sure she didn't like it.

I still remember that at the beginning of summer, Ono described his love to me. He called her "Shimei". Once when he introduced her to others, he added "mine" before her address. Ono was stunned and excited all night, dragging me to repeat this detail on the playground.

Ono also asked me, didn't you write "days are busy, but also want to ask" what are you doing "? he often asks me" what are you doing? "isn't it written in your article that" what are you doing "equals" I miss you "?

it turns out that "mine" is really just "mine", and "what you're doing" is really just "what you're doing". It's just that I think too much about the details that seem important to me.

Ono will click on every song that the other party shares in the moments, listen to it quietly, and repeat it over and over again, "because when I don't have a conversation, I want to feel his current emotions in his songs." Sometimes she cried when she heard it, because she thought he must be very sad. Then she would go to talk to him until the other person fell asleep and did not reply.

later found out that when he shared the song on his moments, he was waiting to find him, not himself.

every one of her moments is for him, but he has never liked it. At first, she thought that people who are close to each other are unwilling to like each other in front of others, because they both know each other, and then send more moments to tell him about his current situation.

later found out that he didn't like it, not because she thought that "people with close relationships didn't want to like it," but because he really never noticed.

that night she stayed at McDonald's until the wee hours of the morning, circling twins's "lost fight", which sang, "crying in the street, sorry to disturb", she was ashamed to disturb him, so she called me in tears.

at that time, I said to Zhang Jingzhi, who was watching a movie, I wanted to start a topic, when did you confirm that the other person didn't like you. After sending this message, my phone automatically turned off. I sat by the train window until four o'clock in the morning, rubbing my computer against other people's hot spots and reading these messages-

1, he said. But she cried, and I didn't know what to do.

2, maybe that night I was waiting downstairs at his house from eight to 12:00, and finally he sent a message saying, "I'm not going home tonight, you can go home by yourself." So I cried while walking on the road in the middle of the night, and then I was followed by a van so scared that I was running for a taxi on the road. If a person does not care your safety, it must be impossible to still like you.

3, when he teaches people who like me to chase me.

4, when her reply is getting simpler and simpler.

5, when two people go out, he will always walk in front of me. I lost it, and he doesn't know. And then I knew.

6. After the breakup, I went to Beijing to find him and cried in the playground and told him that I was having a bad time. I hugged him so tight. He just gently patted me on the back and just put his hand on it. At that moment, I knew that he really didn't like me and could never go back to

7. "the phone bill is too expensive. I don't want to call you.

8, "I have a headache", "I have a headache"

9, I watched a movie for the first time, there was no one in the whole row, and he sat in a seat four seats away from me.

10, when I asked him if he wanted to go out to see a movie, he said yes, but if he could take someone else with him

11, he said have a safe journey with him before take-off, because of the delay in the plane, he chatted with him until the plane took off, but he didn't report safety to me when he arrived

12, you shared the happy things, and the other party didn't react. You share unhappy things, and the other person doesn't react.

13, the content sent by yourself in the dialog box is far more than that sent by the other party, and the word-to-number ratio is basically two to three hundred to ten.

14, he excitedly asked if I should confess my love to her.

15, me: what are you doing? He: nothing.

16, "go down and eat as soon as you finish eating"

17, an asthma offender on a business trip was hospitalized and lost contact with everyone for two days. I woke up and saw a lot of people's phone calls on Wechat, but without her.

18, the beginning of each Wechat chat entry is me, and the last one is also me.

19, when I want to know the answer to this topic.

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Today I saw a message from a reader. She said that on her boyfriend's birthday, she called him and said she wanted to have dinner with him. On a rainy day, he said that he was afraid of getting wet shoes and didn't want to go out.

he said, I ordered takeout and didn't like to eat out. But before long,She saw him show up in a restaurant with another girl. 'i really admire myself. I can feel that he doesn't like him, and he can always have the cheek to let him accompany me, 'she said.

I think of another sentence in "lost fight", "maybe you only wanted me to laugh, but you and I have already lost this need."

all the time, Lao Wen told us in high school that when someone likes you, he really likes you, and when he doesn't like you, he just doesn't like you. At that time, I will learn the validity period of any emotional shortcoming and accept all forms of farewell.

so I'm telling you, if you don't like me, please find a smarter reason to expose me. Don't let me find out that you're blaming me. I don't know if I'm too smart or you're too stupid to hide.

We always ask others how to prove whether they like us, but obviously, every moment I'm with you, I'm sure you don't like me.

but what can I do? there's nothing wrong with you. You're so perfect. There's nothing wrong with you. I like you so much.

when does it make you sure that the other person doesn't like you?