When do boys want to propose most:

When do boys want to propose most:
It's time.

when I invite friends around me to help me prepare, almost everyone asks such a sentence.

Girls' tone is full of curiosity and envy, while boys reveal admiration in disbelief.

in fact, this difference is not difficult to understand, and even I often admire my own courage.

it's just that we've been together for almost four years, and we're about to turn 30, and it's time to move on to the next stage.

that's right, "it's time." I take that as the whole reason to propose.

it doesn't sound romantic at all, not because she has to, not because she wants to make a commitment, but because it's just the right time.

but the timing is just right, and it's not a simple thing.

because "it's time" can be used as a reason only if everything except time is satisfied.

so when my friends ask me why I propose, I always reply, "I've been together for so long."

"my girlfriend and I have been together for almost ten years, and I don't feel like a good fit." A friend refuted my prevarication.

at that time, I suddenly didn't know how to answer, and the word "time" became blurred.

how on earth can two people get to the time point of the proposal?

in the family, it is because both parents have already met, nothing special;

and when I couldn't find the answer, I regretted it for a moment.

after all, you don't need a reason to like someone, but how can you propose to someone without a reason?

if you don't know what everything is, it's embarrassing to be silent when you kneel in front of her.

imagine that I took out my ring and knelt in front of her that day, and then.

"marry me, the ring is just on sale."

"you see, that's it for us. Let's get married."

you see, this is not a marriage proposal. It is obvious that you want to return the ring you bought, and feel free to be alone.

so if you still ask me, why on earth do boys want to marry their partner?

unlike the expression of love, the sentence "together":

that means you have discovered each other's bright spots before, and then decide whether you can accept each other's shortcomings.

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it means: I know all your shortcomings, and you know mine, but I can accept them;

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and so on, it's time to understand this meaning.

after all, we have made great efforts to make "not getting married" and "divorce" a common choice.