When a boyfriend wants to send your picture on moments.

When a boyfriend wants to send your picture on moments.
He said I was too ugly to be obvious.


unexpectedly, she asked why we had not been separated. After all, my boyfriend and I had been together for almost four years, and for a long time in a long distance, it was supposed to be the group that was most likely to be "insipid".

he took a picture of us, P on Van Gogh.

he can tell the difference between jokes and sadness. I can tell whether he is really tired or not.

I don't know how long we can be together. After talking so much about long experience, I am also worried that it will be counterproductive.

it's just that I very much hope that even if we have to end one day, the reason is that we all find that each other has different ideas that are not the same as mine.

instead of simply classifying it as insipid, the day after separation still complains that the other person doesn't know enough about himself.

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and I want to say, understanding may not be as difficult as you think.

as long as the boys here, when you know your girlfriend is unhappy and ask her, "what's wrong?" she will only reply "OK".

Don't be silly and ask, "really?"

ask: "what's wrong with that?"

ask two questions: