What perfume do you give for Christmas to show that I care?

What perfume do you give for Christmas to show that I care?
The smell of Christmas.

after writing the most worthwhile fragrance within 200RMB in the last issue, there were a lot of messages in the background. One part wants to test the incense, and the other part wants me to recommend some perfumes suitable for Christmas as gifts.

sending perfume is the perfect answer.

so today I specially picked out five bottles of perfume for Christmas. Some have the joyful atmosphere of Christmas; some have the smell of Christmas trees ; some have the warmth of Christmas when everyone sits together to eat delicious food; and some have the smell of warm idleness.

Martin Marjira fireplace

huge fireplace, beating side face

fireplace light, the name reminds people of huge fireplace, beating side face . Warm and tranquil, with unparalleled stability and innate romantic profile.

keep incense for a long time, it can be given to both boys and girls. This is also the most outstanding perfume work of salon brand MMM. The beauty of its artistic conception makes the original beautiful smell full of painting.

Price: 50ml 1000R niche: ●●●●

this is a Christmas tree. Standing in the wind and snow. The smell.

every smell is like stepping on cotton wool, mist morning frost shake off, mottled, can not be found. Just as the personnel is gone, but the mind, such as cedar, cannot be wiped away .

Ludan's vanilla wood

caramel macchiato milk

its top notes are slightly bitter milk, with vanilla and coconut milk, and a little licorice astringency, a slight smoky smell comes out inadvertently, such as a masterstroke, most delicacies are all sweet and greasy, and there is no trace of treatment.

both boys and girls can spray and keep incense all day. Of course it smells like roses, but like caramel macchiato, it's also fascinating.

Price: 100ml 600R audience: the citrus at the beginning of ●●●●

and the wood at the end of the show, like the opening and closing of a play . Clear hierarchy and natural expression.

Burberry London

Tony Leung's taste

British style Bouguer packaging, the impression slowly is a decent gentleman. In an instant, this is Tony Leung's taste , affectionate and reserved.

in the definition of a brand, "we want to capture a delicate and elegant quality while showing a masculine side", which is done completely.

Christmas, I think you need it to spend it with you.

every incense should also respond to the situation. Whether you give it to your boyfriend or girlfriend, I think it can bring a lot of surprises to Ta.

finally, I wish you all a Merry Christmas.