What murdered your college life?

What murdered your college life?
Don't slack off on your lives. This is my second piece of advice.


I went for a run this afternoon.

after a summer vacation, I finally put on my running shoes and changed into the ball pants I bought with my high school roommates. Standing at the entrance of the dormitory area, I did a five-minute stretch, then put on headphones and began to run around the school.

our school is very big. The whole distance is about 5 kilometers. I have to run for half an hour. There are many trees in our school, so all the way I was looking at the blue sky and listening to the sound of leaves crashing.

but the more lucky you are, the more ashamed you are.

I am glad to be able to run on such a beautiful campus. I am ashamed that I have been at school all summer, but I have not run once in the evening. I still remember that on the day I finished the exam last semester, I immediately posted a Flag in my moments saying that I was going to work out this summer, and I made an unabashed bet of 200 yuan with my girlfriend.

as a result, the flag fell down, the money was lost, and only the flesh on the body remained motionless, just like the belly before the summer vacation, and there were even signs of continuing to gain weight.

this is the consequence of laziness, which not only leads to guilt, but also proves that you don't have tenacious willpower at all. Even the previous achievements have become negative examples. He was pointed at and said, "look, what's the use of his efforts?" In the end, it failed. "


A friend of mine is Jia Ming. Because he is not a native of Guangzhou and his high school entrance examination results are not ideal, he can't study in Guangzhou high school, so he has to go back to a key high school in his hometown. He said it was the three most difficult years for him, and because of the long journey, he could only go back to his home in Shenzhen during the summer or winter vacation.

go to school alone every day, go home alone, and nearly take all the buses I have to take in my life in the past three years. And every day to listen to the class students say they do not understand the native language, want to join the discussion, but powerless. Over time, I have no choice but to immerse myself in study.

Jia Ming said, "you know, at a classmate reunion after graduation, we played truth or dare. When my deskmate described me, I even used a word I never thought of: withdrawn."

he worked so hard that he didn't have a "ten-minute recess". He was like a sponge as all the head teachers said. As long as he squeezed hard, he could squeeze out water even after drying. Maybe it was because that high school made him push so hard that his first goal when he went to college was: "I want to have a good time."

so Jiaming's university has no student activities, no books, no part-time jobs and internships, only games. A few days ago, I had a midnight snack with him. At the end of the meal, he told me a toast. I said I didn't drink, but he said I just had a toast.

on the way back to the dormitory, Jiaming said to me, "you'll be fine. You have your own goals every day and know what you want to do."

I said, "you can, too, but you just don't want to."

he told me about his high school experience, then looked at the dark dormitory and said, "I've gone too far."

he seems to be laughing and laughing at himself.


slackness is like a kind of cancer. It not only metastases, but also infects the part of you that is otherwise intact. At first, it looked like a cat. Come and rub your feet when you are about to do something, stay on it and don't let you leave. You said, "I'll be right back." it won't let you go. So you give in, put the bag down, pick it up, sit on the couch with it, and sigh, "it seems to be good, too."

after that, you have to fight the cat every time you make a decision, but often lose more and win less, and then it doesn't have to rub your feet any more. as soon as you think of "going out", you go over and pick it up and give it up on your own.

this is the downside of laziness, it makes you think it's innocuous, and sometimes you can even be happy about it.

Yes, high school is so painful that Jiaming seems to have the right to waste his time. But you know better than I do what the problem is: what happens after profligacy? Have to suffer for a while, and then continue to splurge?

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Jia Ming knows that it is impossible to play blindly, but he can't get away from this fixed way of thinking, and he doesn't believe in himself.

when I said to him, "you try, it won't matter if you fail", he said, "it's a failure anyway." he left me speechless. He can always refute all your suggestions with a lot of examples of himself in a short time, but tell others that he needs help in his circle of friends late at night.

I don't hate Jia Ming, but I may not tell him how bad slack is.


in fact, many people slack off because they firmly believe that "tomorrow will be better".

tomorrow I will certainly work harder. If I run tomorrow, the weather will be more pleasant, and I will have time to read tomorrow. There will be no sadness tomorrow, no haze, no torrential rain, and the obstacles that stand in our way will only appear today. We don't have to do anything, as long as "tomorrow", bad things will disappear automatically.

it is obvious that this is impossible, but many people believe so.

see that picture above? I took it when I was running this afternoon. When I was running at school a year ago, it hadn't been built yet. At that time, if the weather was good enough, wherever I went, there were all blue skies and green trees, and there would not be a residential building under construction. And the most frightening thing is that after circling around, I found that there is only one building, ah, there are a total of more than a dozen tall buildings under construction.

how can life be what we want it to be? How can you guarantee that it will not rain tomorrow and that new tall buildings will not appear again?

so stop slacking off your life, it's killing you now and your college life.

when you are old and look back on your life, you will find that when to study abroad, when to decide to start your first career, when to choose a partner and fall in love, and when to get married are all great changes in fate. It's just that when you stood at the fork in the road and saw the wind and clouds, the day you made your choice, it was quite boring and ordinary in your diary. At that time, you thought it was an ordinary day in your life