What if I am ostracized by my roommates?

What if I am ostracized by my roommates?
Learn to be freer.

"it has been three days since I last talked to you. How are you these days? "

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I asked this question yesterday, so a lot of people said to me backstage, "that's good." However, there are also a few people who shared his difficult "these days" with me.

there is a saying:

"I was ostracized by the people in the dormitory. I have tried any way to apologize, but to no avail. I want to change my dormitory, but there are no vacant beds in other dormitories. I'm so sad, not because they don't like me, but because of the atmosphere. Have you ever tried? It's like turning into air, it exists all the time, but no one will pay attention to you.

No, I hope you haven't tried. Good night. "

I didn't reply to her because I really tried to be rejected by more than half of the students in my class. And the solution is very simple and cruel, that is, waiting for graduation.

Yes, I "waited" for a year to get out of that atmosphere. But then I realized that they are not worth my time to be sad, because I may not have too much overlap with them for the rest of my life. Most of them still live in that town, and I have already made up my mind to leave there.

of course I left not because of them, but because I had a place I wanted to go more.

but I want to tell you that the word "later" in the sentence "later I figured it out" seems short, but in fact it is another three years.

so it took me four years to get out of that mighty "exclusion" once and for all.

it's a little cruel, but it's the truth, and it's the truth.

of course, I hope the reader who left a message in the background will spend less time on this, because there is always luck in misfortune. Her misfortune is the same as mine, which is not welcomed by others, but fortunately, she encountered this situation in her college dormitory, rather than in the more closed environment of junior high school as I did.

I like university, not because it provides me with all kinds of opportunities, but because it provides me with infinite space, that is, "freedom".

because of freedom, "roommates" is not a great creature. we can completely regard the dormitory as a cheap youth tour, wake up and leave, put on headphones when we go back, and treat them as air of "existence but not important". Then watch the movies you like, listen to the music you want, and be yourself.

because happiness is given to yourself, not given to others. So we won't lose the ability to be happy because they don't like it.

anyway, there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people and plenty of time to spend on things you like. Since "can't be forgiven" has become a matter of fate, why not accept the fact that "they hate themselves".

I know it's hard, but this is life.

it is always easy to preach the truth, because it is you, not me, who put it into action, but even so, I still want to encourage you to become a free man.

only when you are free, can you become stronger, and then muster up the courage to face other big BOOS of life, such as "employment", "forced marriage", "small residence", "poverty", and "diseases that cannot be completely solved with money".

good night and wish you freedom.

the day before yesterday afternoon, I finished reading the book "Building a House" in one breath. The author is Wang Shu. He is the chief designer of the Xiangshan campus of the China Academy of Fine Arts. I went there with the eel whale Tong c during the summer vacation, and it was a very beautiful campus.

there is a passage in this book that I like very much. when he talked about the maverick in his youth, he said:

"you must have this state when you are young, and you must have a pursuit of existence, truth and human nature. Only in this way can you have the strength to support you through a very important journey in life when you are young, and it is also a process of self-realization and self-training. If you don't have this state when you are young, then the drag of life will make these things more and more difficult to achieve. "

Gentlemen, please share.