"We've been together for a long time" is really a good excuse.

"We've been together for a long time" is really a good excuse.
But there are always people who are hard to fool.

while we are approaching our second anniversary, the most common sentence I hear from people around me is:

"you don't seem to be as good as you used to be."

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taking this sentence as an opportunity, I talked to a lot of people about our relationship.

your sharp-eyed colleague said, "your interaction in the company is obviously not as much as before."

and Pepe, as a friend who "watched us from the definite relationship to the present", also provided me with her perspective for the first time:

when we were first together, my boyfriend would follow me wherever I went, and my hands had been glued to my shoulder.

(yes, she used the word "sticky" to describe it. )

when I was not there, he especially defended me, and in the face of the joking of his colleagues, he immediately retorted: "Don't talk about her like that."

that's all he said. Pepe paused and said:

"but now, I seldom see him like this."

in recent months, when I called my mother, she would tentatively ask

"are you two all right?" "

it turns out that as long as a person shows that he cares too much and doesn't pay so much attention, it's really obvious.

it is obvious that even colleagues, friends and parents in another city can see it.

knowing that I am very angry when I get up, he still wakes me up every day, reminds me to bring an umbrella during the cold war, and always wears the hair ring I gave.

recall many warm moments, it is inevitable to feel that it seems good to go on like this.

but reality is reality because it never stays in the warmest place.

I want to go to the university to take a part-time job in a tutorial agency. At that time, because of financial difficulties, the organization reduced my salary by 10%.

although I was unhappy, I compromised.

when the cash flow of the organization comes over, my salary will not be transferred back.

I asked, and all I got was "you can accept the price anyway, can't you?"

I know these two things are not comparable, but I still see one thing in common:

compromise, sometimes reducing my own costs.

if you prove that "the other person really doesn't like you that much," you still stay with the other person.

seems to be telling the other person in disguise that it's easy to keep you.

you don't need to be nice, like you very much, or even effortlessly.

so, when everyone is looking for an excuse for the deterioration of a relationship, packaged as "plain happiness".

I still want to remind you that not everyone has to accept this "insipid".

because of this, on the question of "the other person doesn't like you so much", my answer is:

the latter is when you don't want to work hard, tell you and tell yourself:

"being together for a long time" is indeed a good excuse.

but there are always people who are hard to fool.