"We ran because of fear."

"We ran because of fear."
The other side of regret is growth.

it's a little long. I hope you can get some inspiration from it.

to tell you the truth, I especially envy those students who came ashore last fall.

in May this year, I never left. At that time, I plucked up a lot of courage to face the fact that I was too weak. In my opinion, it didn't help much for me to stay on the team.

before, when I couldn't draw, everyone was young. Although I was busy and tired at work, I was always laughing and making a lot of jokes. The atmosphere there made me very happy.

that was the first time I felt that being a social animal was like this.

in the eyes of my boss, I am a serious good boy, a person who is willing to be taken up rest time to finish the work.

but after a while, I found that in addition to my own problems, there was a big problem, that is, I didn't meet a good boss.

at that time, she kept urging me to stay. Of course, there is a very realistic reason behind this, that is, in their eyes, my existence is very cost-effective.

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We are like livestock that are only carried into the market, clearly priced, the useful are selected, and the useless are eliminated.


the first is the period of desperately looking for a job before you can't draw.

at that time, we were still living in a small single room. I often had to get up early to squeeze the subway. My boyfriend was sleeping. I could only make up by the faint light in the window of the sink. It rained a lot in April and I walked a lot with an umbrella.

at that time, I felt that I was more nervous than many people in moments. I was afraid that I would not be able to find a job.

so I'm going to run.

but more often, it's not courage that makes you stand up, but fear.


this trip shaken me a little bit when I insisted on doing my favorite job at that time.

all their suggestions are summed up: my current job is neither stable nor promising.

the most important thing is that they consider it unstable. In their view, as long as a person holds the national rice bowl, he can work steadily until retirement, and there is nothing to worry about, and all dreams are bullshit in front of "survival" and "stability of life".

on that day, a very powerful uncle came to the memorial service and said that I could arrange the work of my bank, as long as it was Guangfo. At that time, I still expressed my own idea that I was not interested in the bank. He said it didn't matter. I can go to him when I figure it out.

in those days, my parents kept telling me that I might as well go to work in a bank. They have a lot of reasons, which can't be said to be any good, but they just think that no matter what, it's better than what I was like at the time.