We opened a cinema with a seating capacity of 100 in Dongguan.

We opened a cinema with a seating capacity of 100 in Dongguan.
We may know better than you that few people like to watch this film. (disorganized 6th offline activity)

hi, I opened a cinema called "No phone call" with Miss No call

remember that one morning at the beginning of the summer vacation, I set the alarm clock for 08:00, and then took a two-hour bus to Nancheng, Dongguan, to see a "roadside picnic". It is a literary film, not only the number of literary and artistic productions is very small, but also that morning, even if I posted two moments, there was no one to accompany me to watch the film.

during the two hours on the bus, I thought a lot about "watching a movie alone".

that afternoon, it was 07:30 in the evening when I got back to the dormitory, and I typed a few words in the memo:

We are going to open a cinema.

I found a good friend of mine and temporarily called her "Miss No call", because she is obviously beautiful, but she doesn't call all the boys who like her, only movies. Sometimes I really think she's a hundred times cooler than me. And when I told her what I had been planning for a long time, we hit it off.

so throughout August, we traveled every day and kept our mouth shut, not telling anyone what we were preparing.

and today, I can finally say it.

what is the "No call" cinema?

it may appear in the form of any cinema in Dongguan, because it does not have a fixed venue. But every month we hold (at least) a "no-call viewing party". In each show, we choose a cinema film of the month (which is the most worthwhile to watch) and invite at least 100 people to watch it with us.

finally, 20 out of 100 people were selected for an in-depth communication sharing session the next day. (this event may go on forever, or it may die after a period.)

of course, at the movie party on Saturday, we will also give you a chance to communicate with the 99 people present.

to put it simply That is,

selected film:

selected film:

viewing time: September 10th (Saturday) 3:00pm

viewing venue: bona Cinema, third floor, Xinghe City

Salon time: September 11th (Sunday) 1:30pm

Salon location: Yunshang Bookstore (Nancheng scenery 769 Cultural creation Garden)

activity fee: 20 yuan /People

if you want to watch this movie with us:

1. Add Wechat (dgmovielife2016) of Miss who can't call

2. Explain in one sentence why you want to attend this movie meeting

3. Pass is a success.

Note: the deadline is 22:00 on September 9th

if you want to know more details about this event

please continue to read

(above is the ultimate preview)

Why choose "Map of the Yangtze River"?

one, this is a film that takes six years of preparation, two years of filming and two years of post-production. It takes nearly a decade and is shot entirely on film. It is said that it will be the last film in China. Among the more than 7000 cinemas across the country, very few can show film films normally.

II, this film won the Silver Bear Award for Best artistic contribution at this year's Berlin Film Festival. This is the highest honor for domestic films in the international film industry in the first half of 2016. It will give you the best visual experience.

three, this film is only 116 minutes long, but it will take you through the long river of life. It combines traditional Chinese culture, poetry and the Yangtze River, and it is also a "waterway film".

IV, the producer said that this is a film that "picks the audience", and the audience can interpret it at multiple levels according to their own experience. So this time we will also pick the audience, which is limited to 100 places.

Why do you want to participate in this activity?

one, have you ever tried to watch a movie in order to be with one person? have you ever tried to know 99 people because of a movie?

two, if you love movies enough, I'm sure you won't miss any films that might be "good movies".

three, we are not a "watch-and-leave" movie party. We will select 20 people from your film reviews and have a sharing meeting about the film the next day.

four, we have won a rehearsal for this Saturday afternoon at Boehner International Cinema, Xinghe City, which is a very rare schedule for literary films.

five, we won't choose bad movies. (if we choose, it may be because we want to know how bad it is.)

six, you, who are also in Dongguan, should come and see us. (this is important)

so what do you need to do to participate in this event?

one, make sure you are free in the afternoon of September 10th (this Saturday).

two, make sure you can get to Boehner International Cinema in Xinghe City.

three, you need to add my friend's WeChat account "Miss No call" (dgmovielife2016) and explain the reason why you want to participate in the activity in one sentence. Through verification, you will successfully sign up.

four, you need to pay a fee of 20 yuan (20 yuan = knowing 99 like-minded people).

five, you need to submit a short film review at the end of the movie (unlimited words, one sentence, wonderful).

six, be ready to meet 99 people.

yesterday, I chatted with my classmates who had just returned from Taiwan in class. She asked me to tell her about the four activities I held during the summer vacation. She told me about all kinds of interesting cultural and creative activities she had participated in in Taiwan. As soon as we talked about this common topic, we were so excited.

"in fact, what I regret most is that my original intention was to drive the enthusiasm of some people from my own side." I looked around and sighed. "but, ah, some people will drive long distances from various places, but the people around us are always unwilling to take this step. It seems that everyone has a small circle, and then they live in that small circle and don't want to come out.

she recommended me a book called "evading Freedom." in the book, German psychologist Fromm pointed out that people should not be left alone, and they would rather give up their autonomy in order to feel that they belong to a group.

"ideas are deep-rooted and people's spirits are contagious to each other. You have to change an environment. Unless they find companions in their own circle, it is very difficult for them to jump out of a circle and take part in an activity." she said a little pessimistically.

I thought for a moment and looked up at the eloquent but unnoticed teacher on the podium. "although I know that the general environment is like this, if everyone has a negative attitude, there will be no change." Since the human spirit is contagious, I will affect at least one or two people. "

she suddenly thought of something and nodded heavily. She said, "Yes, you have to insist, it's up to you to drive."

I said, no, it should be up to us.

When you wear one of our royal queen collection, you show your beauty and your sense of style. Spend time and consider this selection.

in fact, we know better than you that there may be far fewer people interested in the movie "the Yangtze River" than in "Star Trek 3". But we still chose this "Map of the Yangtze River", because we believe that there are definitely more than 100 people who like to watch this film in Dongguan.

so, if you can, help us let more people know about this event. Thank you.