We are not suitable, it has nothing to do with you.

We are not suitable, it has nothing to do with you.
I'd rather not.

"you're fine, but we don't fit."

I'm not sad about losing a relationship, but I get those specific compliments, but I don't understand why I can't go on.

the moment she closed the door and was ready to leave, I suddenly wavered.

"I can smoke e-cigarettes later."

I'm trying to be better at her level.

after a period of "accommodation", when I saw suspicion in her eyes again, it was almost subconscious, and I also said those words:


fortunately, after a period of time, my self-esteem slowly regained.

I said to myself in my heart:

"not many boys are willing to learn to cook, but she doesn't cherish it."

hand in a manuscript at work, the boss said, "good, but not suitable for this platform", will no longer let me translate as "you are not good enough";

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but, "our platform is not worthy of your in-depth article."

so much so that when interviewing for a new job, the interviewer used the sentence: "you are excellent, but not suitable for our company."

it no longer sounds harsh, but disdainful.

I don't think it's my problem at all. I even convince myself that

even if it's my problem, it's not honorable that they don't point it out directly and beat around the bush.

until I lost my job, I suddenly received greetings from my ex, and I completely put myself in a "completely infallible" position.

at first, she just sent a simple sentence: "how are you?"

I, who once received a "good man card", just looked at these words and felt that I was a complete victim in the past.

then without waiting for me to reply, she then sent another message: "I heard from a friend that you are changing jobs. My friend's company is hiring people. Would you like to try it?"

but in my opinion, this sentence is not even sympathetic, but more like sarcasm. I tapped hard on the keyboard: "and then listen to your friend say the same 'inappropriate' as you did?"

never contacted me again.

after she didn't reply to me, the friend who told her how I was doing secretly approached me:

if it was to mock you, she wouldn't say 'change of job' to you. Aren't 'lost job' and 'can't find a job' more lethal? "

what we lack is not "self-righteousness" and "shame" after rejection, but a sense of reason.


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