To get by is to be immune, and to get through is to live or die.

To get by is to be immune, and to get through is to live or die.
Who doesn't want to die.


how many suicidal thoughts do people have in their lives?

the first and only time I had suicidal thoughts was in the sixth grade of primary school. The reason was that he had an extremely ugly haircut and cried so much that my father said to me impatiently, "go to hell." I am a stubborn person who eats soft but not hard. At present, there is only one voice in my brain: then I will go to hell and let all of you regret it.

because I am afraid of pain and death, my choice of death is to drink a bottle of detergent. While my mother was taking a nap, I sneaked into the kitchen, unscrewed the detergent and hesitated for a long time. I thought it would be better to soak it in water. So I washed a glass and soaked myself a glass of diluted detergent as usual.

all right, ready to drink, ready to die.

I don't remember what it was like to hold that glass of detergent. All I knew was that I didn't even have the courage to take a sip. Finally, I poured out the glass of detergent, went back to my room and fell asleep next to my mother.

I have never mentioned this to my parents, but I occasionally tell my friends in the form of a joke that most of my friends laugh at me for being stupid. They say that drinking a bottle of detergent is a big deal to get stomach lavage.

I laugh, too, but sometimes I think that the reason why a person wants to die is very simple, and the reason why he wants to live is also very simple.

sometimes you may just be tired and need a good night's sleep.

sometimes you just want others to understand and need some trumped-up "identity".


I have a friend May. We lived on campus in the third year of high school and were inseparable most of the time. She is an energetic girl, and sometimes I wonder how anyone can be so happy no matter what happens every day.

but she always disappears for a while at a certain time. When I ask her where she has been, she usually changes the subject.

later, when I graduated from the third year of high school and volunteered, she gave me a call.

she said, I tried to kill myself yesterday. I dipped my head in the water.

I was too scared to say a word.

she continued calmly, you asked me why I always disappeared for a while, when I used to hide and cry alone. The emotions that have been accumulated for a long time need to be vented regularly, otherwise I'm afraid I can't stand it.

she said, my mother has always been very autocratic and never allowed me to disagree with her. She wants me to study finance, so there's no room for discussion. At that time, I just wanted to die. Once I was dead, no one would force me to do anything I didn't want to do.

May did not commit suicide, not because her mother found her in the bathroom and dragged her out. Anyway, she didn't die, and she saved herself in an almost suffocating moment.

finally, she signed up for her favorite major, and the relationship between her and her mother seemed to ease a lot.

after that, May returned to the energetic optimist and didn't seem to be upset about anything. It's just that I don't know if, at some point, she will hide and cry alone and have suicidal thoughts.

it's scary to think that there is a girl who always loves to laugh around me. She has fallen into the deep darkness alone, but no one knows.

I went home with her during the winter vacation. I jokingly teased her whether there was anyone else in hiding and crying.

she answered calmly, saying: of course there is.

she began to tell me about the difficult moments in college, such as organizing class activities but no one responded, when she was isolated or even viciously cursed by roommates, when she found that her major was thankless and the future was bleak.

but this confession is not a lot of worries before, but a real confession. I listened to her story quietly and then asked her, "are you any better now?"

she said, "I'll feel better after talking to you."

maybe the real meaning of friends is that we can all take off our disguises in front of each other and we don't have to continue to be brave.


I have read an article, which roughly says that the heroine feels that there is no meaning in being alive. She is looking for the best place to die every day. She hopes to die in a place that is extremely beautiful and romantic. I think people who don't know her probably think that she loves travel and life very much.

articles may make death too beautiful, and most people who want to commit suicide don't care about time and place, because they can't wait to die right now.

for all those who want to commit suicide and eventually succeed, death has become a desire for them. They are not afraid of pain, they are not afraid of flesh and blood, and they no longer need to be afraid of criticism from the world. when they die, they can really put an end to it.

Xia Nai wrote a sentence: to get by is to be immune, and to get through is to live and die. This sentence has always been my personal signature, and it hasn't changed since junior high school.

people will encounter many moments that feel bad. I don't know since when we like dark soul chicken soup and like to laugh at ourselves. We like to say, do not cry because of a little difficulty, anyway, it will be very difficult tomorrow.

I know that loneliness is normal, so people have to be strong, but sometimes I still hope that someone can answer a phone call I made in the early hours of the morning, can come all the way to give me a hug, or simply tell me: tomorrow will be another day.

No one will become a lonely island, so if you see someone's SOS written on the island, please give him one.Beam of light, that may be the possibility of coming back from the dead.

but although I say so, I also know that reality is uglier than I thought. Sometimes we write out the SOS and look at the traffic around us, only to find that no one wants to give us a beam of light.

so before finding the friend who can find the SOS hidden in us, we should learn to allow ourselves to be sad, and then continue to love this sinister world.

Montmartre wrote in a poem: did we ever die together? we all look so familiar.

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since everyone has died, please treat each other gently.

Hello, everyone. I am the thorn. I got up this morning and found this contribution in my mailbox. I contacted the author immediately after reading it. I discussed a lot of questions about life and death with her. Although I still didn't reach a consensus in the end, it didn't affect my love of this article.

I hope you will like this article, and I hope you can find the light that belongs to you.