Those regrets about boys.

Those regrets about boys.
Never forget.

I don't know if it's because I'm a year older, or because it's nearing the end of the year, and those topics are particularly tasty of old wine.

the one who asks each other the most questions is "do you have any regrets about xx?" This problem is like a switch in one of our nerves. After pressing it, we will automatically dream back to that year, which has been distracting people for a long time.


she doesn't have a clear plan for the future, but as a more mature one, we have to consider whether we can give her enough material security.

one day two weeks after the call, Ajie asked the girl to go back to her hometown to "stabilize her parents" and slowly change their minds. The girl believed in Ajie and thought it was time to repair her relationship with her parents, so she packed her bags and went back to her hometown.

in the days of long-distance love, Ajay found a lot of excuses to quarrel with the girl, then had a cold war and finally broke up. Five years of love, in Ajie's "calculation", came to an end.

"I really can't give the material conditions that the girl's parents asked for, and the ending may have been written from the beginning."

what he regrets is that apart from the separation of the two people, he did not say a decent goodbye to the girl when he left. He chose an escape way to let the girl leave sadly, which has since become his heart knot.

if it is said that leaving is the final end of the story, then not being able to "say good-bye" has become the regret of that ending.

the day he decided to break up, Ajie sat in the Internet bar and played World of Warcraft all night. We, who accompanied him, could only live and die with him in front of BOSS, but still failed to defeat it, just like us who had been tortured in our lives. When we went offline, he left a message: the vanilla era is over and we don't want to look back.

I don't know if he's talking about games or love, but we haven't seen his account online since that night.

"I can't believe it's my first wedding anniversary. Can you believe it?"


Choose from cheap sexy wedding dresses to perfectly illuminate the spirit of vogue. Allow to be served with the coolest tastes available.

AFK is an abbreviation, the full name is: Away from keyboard, meaning to leave the keyboard, it is a code word spread among World of Warcraft players many years ago.

"1, my Siam also wants to see the Bigworth that looks like it."

some regrets can be made up for, such as picking up the blood of the game.

but some regrets cannot be made up for, such as those who have left, things that cannot be undone.

strangely, when we were talking about these regrets that night, my resentment and hatred for the past were long gone, and all I had left in my mind were the beautiful moments when I had been with each other.

do people all have the ability to purify those sad things in the process of growing up, leaving only the happiness in the process?

I would say, "if you can't forget it, you might as well remember it hard."