This year has passed too fast.

This year has passed too fast.
We already know that it has a happy ending.

City closure, isolation, suspension of work and school, falling stars, towering fire.

it turns out that we have already experienced so much in 2020.

youdao Dictionary's Hot word of the year

I thought that the most popular word of the year would be "epidemic".

but unexpectedly "postpone" .

but it makes sense, because there are so many things that have been stranded this year.

after the Spring Festival, the time for rework and going back to school has been repeatedly postponed;

the graduation ceremony has been cancelled, and graduates have not been able to wait for the date to go back to school to get their diploma;

the postgraduate entrance examination has also been delayed, and students who have obtained the offer of foreign universities have not been able to wait for the opportunity to go abroad.

until May and June, these important things were slowly put on the agenda.

so did you find out?

our 2020 is actually only in the second half of the year.

this is probably why many people think that this year has passed faster than ever before.

after all, we went through a historic, nationwide, months-long shutdown.

but it's worth mentioning that we didn't really stop there.

during the period of online classes

because of the shortage of medical surgical masks and KN95, and few shops opened outside, almost no one went out.

however, in the face of the challenges posed by the epidemic, instead of giving up our passion for life, we quickly embraced change.

the time to start and go back to school is a long way off, and we can also find ways to "cloud office" and "cloud learning".

that's why words like "Live with goods", "Office Software" and "online Learning" appear on the word of the year.

just like the recent incident in moments:

in Suifenhe City, two medical staff just finished sampling and were outside at minus 20 degrees, waiting for an ambulance.

at that time, they were advised to come in and sit down for a while. It was not so cold, and they had already been sterilized according to the standard.

but they refused and stayed in the cold wind until the ambulance came.

the two medical staff said: "you can't go in no matter how cold it is, for fear of bringing danger to others."

they are not heroes who save the world, but ordinary people who don't even notice when we pass by in the street.

but in a sense, they "saved" our year.

Medical staff waiting outside


I don't know if you've noticed that the last hot word of the year is "comedian" .

it has something to do with the popularity of this year's talk show.

late at night, the girl worked overtime in the office and broke down to cry.

so I looked back twice before leaving.

the surveillance video left this scene, and it has become the most touching moment for me recently.

too many people have said "come on" from the bottom of their hearts in words or deeds where we can't see them.

it has a happy ending.

the recent good weather seems to herald good luck

. By the way, it is worth mentioning that

now, its meaning can no longer be summarized by a simple "learning tool".

people live seriously and constantly seek knowledge, which gives more profound meaning to every query of the youdao dictionary.

the words we type in not only record the difficulties of the past, but also carry the hope of the coming.

I don't know, what are the key words that belong to you in the new year?

good night.