This time, you can also be a crying point.

This time, you can also be a crying point.
I can't wait to see you again.

and this time, in order to get more people involved, we made it into a 8m × 8m hot air balloon.

the 200 tickets on sale on Thursday night were sold out in less than two hours, and customized paper towels were taken away by more than 100 friends at the end of the event.

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in fact, there is a limit of 50 people every half day, but in terms of the number of people, it is difficult to be particularly lively.

the first friend who was present on Saturday morning was stood up by the person she was supposed to come with, but she was in no hurry to go. after a few conversations with us, she lay on the recliner and basked in the sun. After a while, I looked at her and found that she was asleep.

there are two girls who don't know each other. After chatting, they found that their birthdays were only one day apart.

the small rooftop where balloons are released has inadvertently become a place where people can make friends and even sleep at ease.

after contacting and communicating with you in the past two days, we also listened to a lot of suggestions about this activity and temporary crying points.

your support for temporary crying points is the biggest motivation to encourage us to move on.

996 people complain about unscrupulous bosses; people who have been unemployed for a year say they are eager to work overtime.

couples write down their names, adding several big exclamation points after their wishes to "marry each other" or "be together forever".

We create a place where we can talk freely and relieve negative emotions.

is what the temporary crying point wants to do.

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