The Winter Solstice today.

The Winter Solstice today.
The longest day of the night is almost over.

along the way, we talked about the past along the word "the Winter Solstice".

from the free dumplings in the college canteen to the campus boy I like.

while chatting, I couldn't help feeling: "it's better to go to school."


in universities in Guangdong, dumplings are more popular than dumplings.

so every time I go to the Winter Solstice, the canteen will open a special window to get tangyuan for everyone free of charge.

one bowl is not much, two or three.

but there is always a long line in front of that window.

people may not wait in line to eat, but just want to feel the warmth from somewhere else during the holiday when they can't go home.

I remember that at that time, several boys of the same class came out of the canteen and happened to bump into us girls.

after learning that we had not eaten tangyuan, we lined up for a long time to taste the warmth and gave it to us.

this behavior has nothing to do with "liking". It's just the way boys take care of girls, which is common on campus.

after graduation, this kind of care fades away without any purpose.

at a certain age, everyone begins to have their own stable partners, and there are a lot of misgivings in their every move.

so the boys silently put away the misunderstood "gentlemanly demeanor";

girls no longer dare to accept a little kind "care".

although I know this situation is inevitable, I can't help but regret it.

it is not a pity that when we grow up, we will no longer have pure friendship;

but we have it, but we no longer believe it.


some people say that the longer you work, the more you miss school.

But at work, you already know what tomorrow will be like.

We wake up from the alarm and travel through Line 3, which is slightly muggy in winter;

every time we throw away a mask, we pass the day.

and people are very good at finding comfort from the past, so we begin to miss all kinds of reading.

whether it is a relaxed state of mind or a pure relationship, there are more possibilities.

in the final analysis, all we miss is what we are missing right now.

it's just that I can't help thinking that maybe in the future, we will also think, "it's really good to be in our twenties."

maybe what we have now is what we lose and miss in the future?

after thinking this, I slowly let it go.

No matter how difficult it is now, as long as you work hard, you should be able to live a life of "it was so good at that time" after a few years of transfer.

and today is the longest night.

every day after that, the days will get longer and longer, and the gray will get shorter and shorter.