The weather is getting cold, why don't you make peace with me?

The weather is getting cold, why don't you make peace with me?
It is not easy to take the initiative to ease a relationship.

as a result, she didn't come to me until the day the order was signed.

not only because of pity, but also because "repairing a relationship" itself requires a lot of practice.


especially the skin of hands and feet, it is easy to dry and peel.

Vaseline hand mask uses facial essence ingredients, essence rose water, avocado fat, lock nourishing, effectively repair and gently moisturize hands; foot mask uses macadamia nut seed oil + cyanine pure coconut oil to moisturize and has super repair power.

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in fact, in all kinds of sense, repairing the body first is the basis of repairing life.

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Autumn is coming, and your body should remember to take good care of it.