The present situation of Wuhan:

The present situation of Wuhan:
It has been 154 days since Wuhan was unsealed.

after receiving these photos, I asked the photographer what was my biggest feeling in Wuhan.

those shops that were closed during the outbreak have reopened the floodgates.

only when we look back and look closely can we see a little bit of residual regret.

there are always some stores that disappeared in that winter forever.

it is this regret that gives us the inspiration to turn the "temporary crying point" into a broken mirror.

doing this is to convey a silent warmth to everyone, telling everyone:

after posting, promise me that you will remember to get better.

in fact, in order to shoot the street view of Wuhan smoothly this time, we recruited some volunteers from Wuhan to complete this task with us.

the day the graffiti wall was arranged in Wuhan College. We and the three girls who signed up, braving the scorching sun of more than 30 degrees, arranged for more than two hours before we finally completed the graffiti wall.

and her moments on that day said something like this:

I think this may also be one of the results we want to achieve in holding this event.

here we would like to thank all the volunteers who participated in this offline shooting activity, in the following order:

Thank you for your help.

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