The days when ​ couples hate each other.

The days when ​ couples hate each other.
It's too cold. Be careful not to quarrel.

I can see that they made up the next day, and I feel that this is just a daily "shock without danger" in the relationship.

so I invited the longest-dating couple in the company (Zhang male and v female) to talk about this topic with you:

the last day I hated my boyfriend was last night. (yes, it's that fast)

I can't say why, so suddenly a feeling of irritability comes out.

at that time, I knew very clearly that what I was thinking was, "shut up, I know."

when I got home, I saw this man rush to the computer to open the game for the first time.

then it occurred to me that although we bought a floor mop robot to temporarily solve the problem of mopping the floor, every day I still take the clothes into the washing machine and take them out to dry.

when I look around, I don't want to accept the clothes on the balcony.

when you say you scold him, you suddenly seem to be making trouble for no reason.

in the corner where he could not see, I was rolling my eyes.

when I was half lying down and enjoyed the foot bathing technician's heavy and light massage technique for 60 minutes, I also felt much better.

maybe the reason why I am in a bad mood is that my wisdom teeth have started to hurt in the last two days, so I just had another attack after dinner, which made me irritable all of a sudden.

but after coming out to get some air for a while, I think it's okay again.

my boyfriend smiled and asked me, "are you comfortable?"

then I opened the bathroom door to take off my makeup and took a bath at the end of the day, and he pushed the bathroom door open.

I am so angry that I don't take a shower all night, and I have to argue with me the moment I go home to take a shower.

Zhang Nan:

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first of all, I don't think the messy readers are children anymore, so they won't yell at the above question like those naive ghosts. "Why are you still together, scumbag?"