The best way to fall in love is to have a long-distance relationship.

The best way to fall in love is to have a long-distance relationship.
Long-distance relationship, do not quarrel, do not deliberately worry about.

one night before going to school, May's boyfriend told us that he didn't want to start school because he didn't want to end his holiday long-distance relationship so soon. When we all thought he was having trouble with May or that he was having an affair, he slowly said, "the distance of long-distance relationship makes us more comfortable."

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it turns out that when they were at school, May would be very clingy and would eat every meal with his boyfriend, even if he had to wait for him to finish class for an hour and a half, even if he had to play ball with his friends until 7 o'clock. Ah May also liked to check his boyfriend's mobile phone to see if he had talked to anyone she didn't know, and even if there was anything wrong with his Wechat wallet.

May's boyfriend said, "at first, I thought her behavior was concerned about me and nervous about me, but now, it seems that the closer we get together, the more excessive her behavior is." After more than three months of long-distance love during the summer vacation, I cherished her more without her. Every time I went to find her by train, I was so anxious to get out of the car to see her ahead of time, because we were so far away that we had too few opportunities to see her. "

I have seen a survey before. The data show that the breakup rate of long-distance couples is lower than that of non-long-distance couples, and loyalty and trust are no different from close relationships. That is, there is a possibility that two people from different places will not be intimate because of their distance, but will yearn for and cherish communication more.

I thought that when two people in a relationship are together, they should be bored every day, know the stuffing of dumplings for lunch, and count how many heterosexual contacts there are on each other's Wechat. Like May, they want to put their boyfriend in their daily schedule.

but A May's boyfriend told us that he prefers to fall in love with distance. Being together at school all the time makes him feel not free. While they are in a long-distance relationship, he starts to think about how to make her happy and how to make her have sense of security.

Apple fell in love when she was a freshman, and she communicated with her boyfriend in a strange way. When she was supposed to concentrate on watching a movie, she always stared at her mobile phone to see if she was looking for her. She was supposed to run but stayed in the dormitory and wanted to wait for her boyfriend to ask her to go with her. In short, she is the kind of girl who wants to be with each other no matter what she is doing, and she wants to know clearly no matter what she does.

later, my boyfriend quarreled with her and said, "what else can I do every day? I either go to class in the teaching building or play ball with my friends." you have to ask once a day, don't you get tired of hearing this answer? Sometimes I really don't want to answer when you call. I don't hate you. I don't want to talk to you, okay? I can't be the only one in your life. "

accompany her for a walk on the playground. She was unhappy and asked me if she had done something wrong. I asked her in turn, "aren't you tired of caring about him so much?" She said, "because of the distance, I want to control each other more, because I love you, so you are mine."

when she says "distance", it reminds me of a sentence I saw in moments. Distance makes love far and close. That is to say, when two people fall in love in a long distance, because of time and space, we can not see each other all the time, and the thoughts we want to express can not be transmitted in time, so love will become far away. But also because of different places, distance makes them miss each other more. They want to hold each other by running, adding each other day by day, accumulating expectations and love to meet in the future, so they also say that distance makes love very close.

I always feel that the best state of love is not "I love you, so you are mine" as Apple said, but "I love you, but you are free". When I was in primary school, I still remember the lyrics "how gentle it is, why use it all at once" when I was in primary school. I think when I was in a long-distance relationship, I didn't have to share my life with each other in detail. I didn't have to ask the other person to get in touch with each other in this way. I didn't have to ask him to come back in a second and speculate on loyalty in this way.

whether it's a long-distance couple or a couple who see each other every day at the same school, we are still two individuals, and we don't have to be too close. After all, love is not the only thing in our lives. Why not, under the premise that my personal life is working well, I want to stick to you over the distance because I love you, rather than because I want to get close to you and deliberately shorten our distance.

in Mung Bean, Margaret told her friend during a night run that she wanted to separate from David. Before that, Margaret had a quarrel with David over mung beans and sesame seeds. Margaret complained that David did not bring back the bath towel after washing it. David complained that Margaret used the tissue too quickly. Margaret said to her friend, "We can only stay in the same room after the quarrel, and neither of them speaks. The feeling of cold war is terrible."

in the process of watching, I try to put myself into the character. If I am Princess, I am used to getting along with my boyfriend closely. Of course I am used to him taking care of all the details of taking care of me without any mistakes. Because of this, once the towel is gone, the refrigerator food is out of date, and the shoes at the door are not put away, the person I blame in the first place is the one who takes care of me all the time.

the best picture I ever imagined was to live in a small room with someone I like. The sheets were blue, the slippers were pink, his game console was under the TV, and the cushion I bought was on the floating window.

however, I think that even if there is that day, like Margaret and David, they will probably want to separate because they live together, want to escape because they are close, and want to be apart because they are together.

No wonder at the end of the episode, the narrator says, "before you learn Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling), learn how to separate." I think everyone knows how to fantasize about getting close to their loved ones, but not everyone knows how to deal with more boredom, boredom and cold war caused by proximity.

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I am the editor-in-chief. I would like to use Tong c to say sorry to you tonight, because we were in a very bad state before. There was a disorganized internal sharing meeting yesterday afternoon to review what we have done over the past six months. When I was talking about the PPT on the last page on the stage, I said, "at the beginning, we took pictures every time we had dinner, and we had to post a concave profile in our moments when we had meetings. But later, maybe everyone got used to it, and these 'habits' were thrown away by us. "

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