The best advice for starting school is actually "Don't be obedient".

The best advice for starting school is actually "Don't be obedient".
I'm a senior, and I hope to leave you some useful suggestions.

# written on the day before my senior year

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Today was supposed to be my check-in day, but I fled home because I was not ready to become a "fresh graduate". I am used to the world constantly changing, but once this "change" happens to me, I am not used to it at all.

standing in the doorway of the counselor's office, I briefly looked back on my first three years of college and found that I had done only one thing that was slightly on the table, which was writing.

and this "writing" needs to be preceded by three words, new media writing. I think you also know that many people do not regard "new media writing" as "writing", because they think that the so-called writer is to sit in a coffee shop for two hours a day and casually tap the keyboard to write a tweet that tens of thousands of people read.

but the truth is often the opposite.

I am lucky, because many people may not be able to communicate with nearly 100,000 people for the rest of their lives, but I can do this in my early twenties. Whenever I think about it, I feel like I haven't been in vain for the past three years.

so today, I want to write something to tens of thousands of people younger than me.

1. Never listen to others.

when I first started writing, when I didn't even have a hundred readers, no less than 50 people asked me the same question: "what's the point of writing this stuff every day?"

although I take the trouble to tell them every time that the question itself is meaningless, because you ask a creator what is the point of creating, why don't you ask yourself why you are breathing?

Feng Tang's speech at Stanford gave ten reasons for his writing. the last one is "for immortality", which I understand as "to live". Because a person's death is death, only the words left behind can prove that he existed in this world and let him continue to "live".

as we all know, people who ask those questions are ready for answers. They just want to hear their answers from you to make them look smart. And they will persevere, use a variety of well-founded examples to convince you, and even change into different looks, with different accents, appear in the online world, in the classroom, and even in your home, tirelessly ask you: "what's the point? what's the meaning?"

it is undeniable that most people still have a dark side in their hearts. Even though we always send blessings to others in the first place, we still hope that the people around us are not doing well. So their constant questioning is not to keep you thinking, but to make you obedient.

remember, "obedience" is the least valuable quality, because we can get it as long as we give up thinking.

in fact, I was once broken, yelling in moments, saying "give up" and saying "never write again". As a result, I deleted that status in less than two hours, and went back to my computer for two days to continue writing, because I thought about writing when I was reading, listening to music, and writing when I was shopping with my girlfriend. Even though I know how painful writing is, I know how much it brings me-a very small part of fame and fortune, and most of the happiness.

and I can't find another state of life that suits me in the visible range, and I don't want to be someone else.

but even if you listen to my phrase "Don't listen to others" at this moment, the number of attacks you will face will not decrease once, because "being a teacher" is a shortcut for everyone to meet their self-realization needs. You will still break, but each time you are reshaped, you will become stronger.

II. Do what you will do sooner or later.

four years of college, it sounds as long as CET-6 reading questions, but as fast as listening to IELTS listening. Before the exam, I was always afraid that I would spend two hours into two days, and when it was over, I suddenly had an epiphany: "I haven't finished my composition, is it over?"

the habit of most people is to use "days" as a unit of time to divide four years of college. But if I ask freshmen if they want a big breakthrough in a year's time, the answer they give me must be "hope", but if I ask them if they want tomorrow to be better than today, they might tell me, "play today and work hard tomorrow."

because when I was a freshman, I and the people around me said things like "forget sophomore".

because of "forget it", we don't have to memorize English words today.

because of "forget it again", we can stay drunk tonight and sleep until noon tomorrow.

because of "forget it", we can stay in the dormitory and play games instead of going to the library this month.

because of "forget it", our first three years of college were muddled, and our seniors worked so hard that they couldn't turn the situation around.

No one laughs at us, but we look down on ourselves.

because of "play first", many people go to countless unimportant choices, such as whether to go to today's basic writing class and whether to play LOL before going to bed. And my girlfriend is coming tomorrow, and those decisions that can affect us all our lives, such as "whether I want to be a director in the future" and so on, are prevaricated by us for reasons such as "tomorrow". When we stepped into the door of our senior year, we found that we had no other choice, so I made a hasty decision and secretly poured myself a few bowls of chicken blood. Use a few moments to tell yourself "it will work".

but as we all know, hasty decisions are often not a good one.

recently I was reading a book called the Fifteen years of Wanli. The book says that Emperor Wanli had a very low position in history because he was in power.During this period, almost nothing was done, no big mistakes were made, and few great things were accomplished. He was like a puppet, constantly pulled by the ideology at that time, unable to move according to his own will. Because he didn't get what he wanted to do, he faced everything with a negative attitude at the end of his administration. Even if a senior official in an important position resigned, he was unwilling to find a new replacement, leaving that position vacant all the time.

the reason why Wanli is not a good emperor is not because of the poor taste of others, but because of his inaction. He neither chose to be completely reduced to a political tool and did everything he could to change the world, nor did he choose to rise up and fight to the death with those pedantic officials.

Wanli had to face numerous "difficult choices" in his life, but finally chose "no choice". His example tells us that in fact, the reason why we can become a living person is precisely because we have made those "difficult choices", just as Lu Xun chose to study medicine and abandoned it.

in fact, like you, I like to make those simple choices, because the worst result of "skipping class" is to be named by the teacher, and the worst result of "playing LOL before going to bed" is promotion and failure, so we are never afraid to make such a decision. At the same time, this risk-free decision can often give us a brief sense of pleasure, skipping class successfully in exchange for two hours of profligacy, a LOL victory in exchange for an unparalleled sense of achievement.

so if we are not careful, we will fall into this infinite cycle of "simple choices".

but there is a huge risk behind this cycle, which makes you numb by sweetness and afraid to take risks. I know that making a choice that affects you for the rest of your life is a painful process. However, the example of Wanli tells us that those difficult choices will not disappear because of our escape, it is only a matter of time before it appears in front of you again.

and its difficulty increases over time, from "general difficulty" to "epic difficulty".

my advice is that if you have to do something sooner or later, do it early. Since we all have to choose, we should choose as soon as possible. In that case, you still have a chance to try and make mistakes.

in fact, you can split "become a Director" (for example) into countless risk-free choices if you like.

replace "should I skip class this morning" with "if I want to be a director, should I finish watching other people's TOP10 movies first"; replace "can I play more LOL before I go to bed" with "can I read one more classic script before I go to bed"?

in this way, you will find that difficult choices will become less difficult. When I was having dinner with a screenwriter a while ago, he said to me, "you know, if you want to be a screenwriter, you have to read all the scripts that everyone thinks are good, regardless of whether they are boring or not. Put your own aesthetic up first. They will let you know what is good and how good it is. "

most of the "difficult choices" are actually just "seemingly difficult".

by the way, do you know the importance of adventurous spirit to us?

adventurous spirit is one of the reasons why humans can become the smartest species in the world. Let's go through the wormhole and go back to that night five thousand years ago, the white thunder occupied all your sight at that moment, and all the companions around you fled, but you approached the tree, picked up the burning branches and kept the fire.

after that night, we learned how to use fire, and we no longer drank blood like animals and became human beings.

"try a different style, and if you like, remember to share it."

"Thank you. Good night"