Some things are only suitable for staying on the Internet disk.

Some things are only suitable for staying on the Internet disk.
Kept a lot of secrets.

Nico said: "sometimes people are powerless and can't predict the future, but they can't even control the memories."

the phrase "I can't even control the memories" is what Nico said to me in the mini-bar on Christmas Eve.

this is where Nico met before and where she first tried cocktails. Without exception, she ordered a cup of long Island Iced Tea.

bars, parks, shopping malls, streets, everywhere left fragments of the couple. Because of the limited memory of the phone, the girl put these "sweet moments" photos and videos on the Internet disk.

after the two people are separated, these photos and videos seem to be another special "being", intentionally or unintentionally provoking the person concerned: "can you really forget me?"

but I guess she didn't expect that when her head was close to 40 degrees alcohol, she still couldn't forget the boy and couldn't sleep.

photos of unknown wines on Nico.

through the reflection of the TV screen, I can clearly see Nico fiddling with his cell phone half awake and half drunk.

fragments of videos and pictures on the disk are scratched through Nico's fingers one by one.

the first folder I have in the network disk is related to the university.

there are naturally many videos and photos about graduation ceremonies on the online disk.

but I don't celebrate too much. I just think that I can use this little time to "remember" the place where I have lived for several years, and recall the people and things I met in college again.

where do you get off when you meet someone and what happens?

none of us want to show our faces when we graduate, but we all want to leave something behind.

there is a photo in Baidu's online disk that impressed me the most, which is about Guangzhou Line 3.

until now, I can still remember the empty Line 3 and my embarrassed self at that time:

the photo was hidden in the corner of the net disk, and I dared to read it again because of the strength of the drink.

if the fragments in the online disk are like a cocktail about "memory", mixing all kinds of wine in it, then bitterness should be the main tone.

in the face of bitter memories, people's first reaction is always trying to "forget".

then, these bitter memories become a strange thing:

the more you try to escape, the more it will be aroused by something unknown and appear in a moment.


then I knew that there was a micro-movie called "being" on the screen.

until the two return to the stage of the college campus, the male and female masters once again have a conversation about "memories".

the hostess replied, "I will save the memory and keep it by my side. It will follow me all my life. I will cherish it, but I will not deliberately think of it, because I have put it down."

I thought that at the end of the film, both men and women would get back together and have a happy ending.

facing the past that can't go back, it brings us memories of negative emotions.

who knows, the stronger the oppression, the stronger the rebound--

instead of dodging passively all the time, it's better to stand up to the bitterness and say to yourself,

"actually, we don't have to forget memories, we have to face them directly."

it is precisely because of the release of "once" that we can better grasp the "present".

memories can always be here, but more importantly, now is the choice, but also the direction of the future.


it doesn't want you to indulge in "sentences of the past" all the time, but wants you to write about "stories of the present".

it is meaningless to recall only emotions.

put yourself in a good mood and tell yourself:

"always will be."