Since you can't make 100 million, why are you so cool?

Since you can't make 100 million, why are you so cool?
Grow up to be a girl.

I copied a sentence on the calendar yesterday that Simon Bova wrote to her lover in her love letter, "I am eager to see you, but please remember that I will not ask to see you." It's not because of pride, you know I have no pride in front of you, but because it's only when you want to see me that our meeting is meaningful. "

later, I took a picture and sent it to a classmate, and she said, "you are so cool, no one will play with you." I told her that it was not cool or aloof, because I gradually agreed that intimate relationships are mutual and that no one can be a constant initiative like a perpetual motion machine. You will be tired. It's not that you don't want to be close, but you don't have confidence.

besides, I'm not cool anymore.

growing up for a long time, I didn't like pink so much that I refused to eat all strawberry-flavored jellies and cakes, because at that time, pink was a color used only by little girls in kindergarten. so if a girl is in her teens and twenties and is still obsessed with the heart of a girl, it is a very immature thing.

if pink means clever, warm and lovely, then I not only hated pink, but also liked the opposite of it in the dry land. I liked all cool things, people who dyed gray hair, people who skipped class and left home. Like people who are unsmiling and always indifferent.

in the process, in order to show my independence and personality, I began to become like those "very cool" people. Deliberately violate the school rules and change the school uniform so that points will be deducted at a glance Deliberately wear motorcycle-style coats and boots, let people be labeled as neutral; deliberately pretend to be aloof and dismissive of other people's attention and comments; deliberately harden their hearts and not exchange thoughts with intimate deskmates.

I think that to abandon all warm qualities is cool, and to highlight your personality with weird and childish behavior is cool.

I used to be a person who never took an umbrella with me. First, I knew I would lose my umbrella every time I went out the door. Second, I thought it was cool to be caught in the rain. Think about it. Everyone in the street left like birds and animals when the downpour fell. There are only sporadic passers-by and a laughing you in the empty street. Don't you care if you get wet?

like two years ago, in the Hong Kong drama "up to the Sky", Holiday, with silver hair and smoky makeup, photographed himself laughing with a camera in the rainy street, clear and lively, making people feel very honest. Although not long after playing alone with the heavy rain, Sam came to protect her from the wind and rain in case she caught a cold. It was very sweet, but it was also very disappointing.

two years have passed. Because I didn't take an umbrella, I was caught in countless rains of different sizes in different cities and caught many colds. Sometimes wearing a hat, you can get less drenched, and sometimes you walk under a tree, worried about thunder and glad that the leaves on your head can act as a shield from raindrops.

but finally, when I caught a cold for the 12th time, when a person ranked in a hospital in a strange city with a new medical record, and had to lean against the wall for a headache, I realized that it was not such a cool thing without an umbrella, not to mention that after being caught in the rain countless times, there was no one around me who helped me with an umbrella.

be a less cool person, but be nicer to yourself. Take an umbrella to go out so that your clothes won't get wet and you don't know which way the hospital is going.

take care of yourself and don't be so cool all the time.

I used to be cool, especially in interpersonal relationships, I would never let myself take the initiative. I insisted, "Why is he looking for me?" and "I absolutely don't love those who don't love me. Who wants to be the humble one?"

but when I sat by the bed looking through a box of old letters and found that most of the people who wrote to me began to lose contact because they did not take the initiative to contact me; when I found that the boys who originally liked each other did not contact me because of their introverted personality, at the same time, I did not take the initiative to ask for the idea of "I am the coolest", when both of them finally pressed the possibility alive. When I found out that I had a problem with others and I refused to apologize because I had too much self-esteem, there was a misunderstanding. I began to think that being such a cool person, being someone who has been waiting for others to take the initiative is not a good thing. "cool" is often accompanied by loss.

so I took the initiative to ask out my friends who were cold because of time and went out for dinner together. I took the initiative to find excuses to talk to others intentionally or unintentionally, and to grasp the rhythm to promote the relationship between two people. I took the initiative to say "I was wrong" and explained things patiently and gently.

I found that their attitude towards me is far more enthusiastic and happy than I thought, and my relationship with them is still far away and getting closer and closer.

it makes it clear to me that sometimes you have to be a less cool person to retain some feelings. Taking the initiative doesn't mean reducing the price, it just determines that you have to pay a little more than the other person to maintain your relationship. The poisonous chicken soup horse face man said, "No one can really make each other complete. This kind of thing does not exist. If you are lucky enough to meet someone who can make do, you should try your best to hold on, no matter what." Yes, just make do with it. Because if you don't make do with it, you will get older, life will be harder, and you will be lonelier, until one day, you look around you and find that everyone loves you, but no one likes you, that will be the loneliest feeling in the world. "

because I don't want to lose all the time, I began to give up being a cool person.

be softer, be more intimate with people, and nothing can feel more "companionable" when people around you like you because of your "no sense of distance, not aloof".

when browsing the message this morning, a girl said, "the person I care about most is the person I like most, but I want to be cool most."Cool, like it doesn't matter, so I don't lose. "

I really want to reply her. When you want to win or lose to give the result of a relationship, you have already lost. When you want to act irrelevant, you should be prepared to lose. Because no one will stay because of your cool and self-righteous reserve, mostly because you are comfortable with you. If you are covered with thorns, who should be close?

No one is accommodating you

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Why don't you take good care of yourself