Sexy, I'm 26 years old.

Sexy, I'm 26 years old.
The name itself is angular.

at the age of 26, I bought my first apartment.

not more "sense of security" or "sense of belonging" that people often share on the Internet, but a "sense of reality" that I have never thought of before.

I've lived in almost all kinds of "Seven days", "eight directions", "Ibis", and Express Hotel with all kinds of strange names.

maybe some people have never stayed in this kind of hotel. Let me describe to you what it feels like to stay.

even if there is a window, it is likely to be false.

there are curtains on the wall, but as soon as you open it, what appears in front of you is a sealed concrete wall.

"learn how to date without money",

"you are a loser".

that was the first time I realized that only asked for money.

southward direction means that the sunshine time is sufficient, and it also means that I, Zhang Jingshu, have bought back the light deprived by fate through my own efforts.

but without the experience I had six years ago, I might not have been so obsessed with "my own house with light". It is precisely because of this "extremely emotional" obsession. In the past few years, I have made a lot of "extremely rational" choices.

because of this, you won't be pushed into the wilderness by life and forget that you have unfinished business.

the house I bought has not yet been repossessed

after 18 years of moving the company from Dongguan to Guangzhou, we are far away from Guangzhou CBD at the rate of changing an office every year.

but although it is called a "luxury house", the community has been built for more than ten years, so all kinds of facilities are relatively old, and every time you go in and out, you have to ask your colleagues for help.

so considering that our colleagues can't dispose of dozens of takeout garbage every day, we resolutely moved our office to a cultural creation park where we can only see a corner of the Guangzhou Tower.

because "can't draw Publishing House" is developing too fast, so we don't have enough office space.

Elegant and magnificent, our beach bridesmaid dresses will make you look regal. Our collections appeal to all types of tastes and needs.

to tell you the truth, I have an inexplicable feeling every time I change offices:

but from another perspective, changing offices means that the company has taken another step forward, from 5 people in the beginning to 10 people in 18 years, to 20 people in 19 years, and finally to 40 people this year.

sometimes I can't sleep at night. The question I always think about is "Why don't you close down?" and then find out a hundred places where we haven't done well enough when you're half asleep.

but all of these situations are what I call "emotion", and "emotion" is divided by me into a quadrant called "the most useless thing".

generally speaking, it is necessary to treat myself more rationally, because I know that I, cluttered and alive to this day, rely on most of my rationality and a little emotion.

We made a big piece of floor-to-ceiling glass

19 birthday. In fact, I spent it in Seoul, South Korea.

of course, as a tourist, I can't get the right answers to the above questions, but that doesn't prevent me from reviewing my experience.

I didn't have a good class in college either. I spent more time on part-time and writing.

so if my life background is Korea in "parasite", then I guess it is hopeless, not to mention starting a business and buying a house, it is very difficult for me to make money by writing.

so what I said earlier about buying a house and changing offices is, in a sense, because of the opportunities given by the times.

"parasite" is essentially a tragic story of "longing for a swimming pool-acquiring a swimming pool-drowning in a swimming pool". And I don't know why, I often presuppose my ending as a tragedy.

but it's not good to say this on my birthday, so I hope my tragic prophecy will not come true, because we all have a bright future.

but one accidentally went back to the same place

more than a year ago, I sent a messy text message saying that we are a group of people who are willing to sit with you on the edge of the basketball court late at night:

I remember that within an hour after sending that message, several messy old readers who had not forwarded messages for a long time all took screenshots and sent moments.

especially for me, who is about "old", I gradually feel powerless in my disorganized writing when I know that most of the readers I face are five or six years younger than myself.

either too eloquent or too inconcrete, anyway, I have written several articles, all of which have lowered our average reading volume, so slowly, I began to hide and focus more on other things in the company.

so at the age of 26, I still wish I could go back to the edge of the court, instead of "suddenly seeing a feather falling down and holding it with both hands" like Haruki Murakami did. I just want to get in touch with the world by writing.

good night, disorganized.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all of you