Really put down, is quietly.

Really put down, is quietly.
Can you walk into the elevator with only him?

when I first met him, he dressed in a pair of age-conscious Nike and introduced himself on the podium: "Hello everyone, my name is Di Wei, I'm from Guangzhou, you can call me Adi, because I like adidas best."

from the day he introduced himself for ten minutes, I knew he was a big talker. He especially likes to tell his story to the people around him. On this day, he came to my dorm again, clamoring to tell me a story.

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"actually, I don't like adidas at all. It's not as good as Nike's design. It's just because she likes dogs, and her favorite dog is Teddy, so she keeps calling me Adi." Now I've decided not to use that name, because I'm going to put her down. Whoever wants to call me Adi is against me, and please call me David in the future. "

"all right, stupid." Fortunately, my phone has battery today, so I can scan my moments while listening to Adi chatting, so it won't be so painful.

"good. I'm satisfied. I have to go back first." By the way, do you sell brown sugar in the supermarket below your dormitory? "

"how do I know? I'm not the guard of my period."

"shut up! I said I had decided to let her go! "

Adi looked angry and frowned, but the corners of his mouth rose inexplicably, showing me a funny look he was not aware of, and then left me behind and walked away.


there are many nicknames for Adi, and "Auntie Guardian" is just one of them.

every 28 days, Adi goes to the school supermarket to buy a bag of brown sugar, then to the market to buy some ginger, stealthily boils a pot of brown sugar water in the dormitory at the risk of tripping, and then runs to the downstairs of her dormitory to give her warmth.

there are also "Prince of Vitasoy", "humanoid meal card", "Mobile atm" and so on.

he is as warm as early spring, but she prefers the cold of winter and has no interest in the soft season.

when Adi told me for the seventh time that he had decided to let her go, he finally deleted all her contact information and cut off contact with her.

later, he became less talkative. He, who used to post nearly ten moments a day, now only shares a song from the three backup singers in Chinese music on time at 11:25 every day.

the first day is "Thank you I can't live in your eyes, so I can hug your back."

the next day was "I would always choose to go around that street and hope to meet in another street."

the third day is "never count carefully, a rainy summer day, a pleasant sleep, how many hairlines."

later, Adi didn't even post on moments and never said a word about her to me again, as if this person disappeared into the air like water vapor evaporated after Baidu's hot water was boiling. Friends around him were happy for him and congratulated him on finally getting out of love, and finally he was no longer the "aunt guard", "prince of Vita milk", "humanoid meal card" and "mobile atm".


Adi, who got rid of the name of "spare tire", won the favor of girls, and the fate of girls became extremely good. He spent his days in the midst of preparation, and got up with different girls the next day after the wine bureau broke up, which made many friends envy them with bright eyes.

Adi suddenly smashed the wine bottle that day.

the noisy private room suddenly became silent in this second, leaving only Adi's rapid gasping sound and the sound of broken glass falling on the floor, and everyone's surprised eyes stopped on the finger that pointed to Ah Guang's nose.

"everyone comes out to play easily. You have to talk about what you don't have. It's not enough to say it once. You have to humiliate me four or five times to be happy, that is, which pot you don't mention, right?" I think you're a brother, and that's how you treat me? "

A Guang stared at him, his red eyes so full of anger that he could not hold back a word. he just kept pressing his thumb on the knuckles of his fingers, and the click of the bones of his fingers was so harsh in the silence that it made people feel that he was going to explode at any moment. Everyone held their breath and dared not make a sound for fear that it would detonate the huge bomb.

this minute in the private room is as long as a century.

he finally stood up and every heavy footstep on the floor struck people's hearts like a bell pestle, and each step made the boys more and more aware that they should be ready to fight.

when he approached Adi, the anger in Ah Guang's eyes suddenly dissipated without a trace and said in a very slight voice, "I know. I will never talk about her again."

the boys breathed a sigh of relief and were glad it was a dud, but a loud noise came from the door.

A Guang smashed the door when he left.

"pull my ass, damn it." Adi broke the second bottle with force, as if to respond to the loud explosion of the bomb from the door.

that night, Adi broke up with Ah Guang.

from then on, no one called him Adi, and no one mentioned her name again, for fear of poking his feelings and that he would be unhappy.


I don't know what other people think, but I know very well that if I really let go of a person, it will never look like this.

when I was young, I liked a girl as much as Adi did. After the breakup, I lost my face every day, tossed and turned late at night, shed tears, and made the oath of "ten years of drinking ice, hard to cool blood" after dawn. I sent her a long message every day to express my feelings, even if I never received a reply.

at that time, I thought I would never get over this hurdle in my life.

A few days ago, I found a previously used mobile phone in my desk drawer. After charging and turning it on, it showed that I needed to enter a four-digit password. I tried many of my commonly used passwords, but they were rejected by the system one by one. After entering too many wrong passwords, my phone was locked for five minutes.

many memories have been brought back in these five minutes. I think of the most difficult days when I used this phone, when the password set was her birthday. But unfortunately, I racked my brains for a long time and couldn't remember when her birthday was. In the end, I had to ask her with a smile and invited her to dinner before the phone was unlocked.

the moment the phone was unlocked, I suddenly had an enlightening feeling that "letting go" was such an experience.

it is not that you shout in your moments that you have let it go, it is not when you hear her news that you are not interested at all, what is more, it is not moldy and rotten to hide that emotion in your heart, nor is it completely senseless. Insensitivity is actually a kind of concern in disguise.

the real "put down" is silent and silent, there will not be a "Ding" in your heart to tell you that "you have successfully put her down", but one day, you will find that you can face some things calmly, like telling other people's stories, even in the face of the protagonist of the story.

A few days ago, Adi asked me out and said he wanted to show me his new love.

A Guang came with him. The three of us joked all afternoon in the coffee shop with the theme of teasing Adi. I laughed that he had fallen in love with the aunt who sold ginger for a long time. Ah Guang laughed that his English name "stupid David" was so foreign.

"look at her. Dad bought her so much vitamin milk, but her breasts are still so small." Don't tell anyone. She's going to come and beat me. Although I am only joking, the message will change. What if she falls in love with me? don't talk nonsense, you know? after all, the business is not affectionate, ah, no, what kind of business, I mean, although you can't be a lover, it's good to be a good friend. "

Adi has changed back to the talkative time when I first met. There is still so much bullshit. He likes to play dirty jokes with some of us boys, as if he had never liked her, as if we had never had a conflict. There is no longer a sword of Damocles that will fall over Ah Guang's head, although he freely complains about Adi's youthful love history, there is no need to worry about when Adi will point at him and scold again.

at that time, I knew that this was what Adi really was right and really "let go".

We were so immersed in this joyous atmosphere that we had long forgotten the passage of time. When it was getting dark, I couldn't help asking Adi, "didn't you say you want to show me your new love? where are you?"

Adi looked up at me without saying a word.

A Guang bowed his head and was silent and blushed.

good evening, this is Tong c speaking. Yuanxia is a messy reader who knew him earlier than I did. I met him about a year ago. I got the impression that he was the lead singer of the band, not sunny, and a little stubborn. Because Yuanxia also has its own official account, "Yuanxia Forest", we have occasionally discussed the idea of writing in the past. Unexpectedly, his text moved from our dialog box to chaos a year later. I hope you like it.

recently used to go to bed early, there is nothing worth staying up late, but also just to avoid the need to think of people, can not really put down, but fall asleep do not need to think, good night.