Post-90s keep cats from their parents.

Post-90s keep cats from their parents.
speak out.


when I went back to my hometown during the Spring Festival holiday, I originally planned to put it in foster care in the pet hospital in Guangzhou.

this situation lasted for two days. Although I would eat as long as I was hungry to a certain extent, I could not bear to continue to starve. I always felt that foster care was not as good as my own care, so I just brought it back to my hometown.

but I had another problem in front of me at that time: how to make my parents understand that I had a cat.

"you can't even keep a pet by yourself."


so the moment I went home to open the door, I took Wangcai out of my backpack.

"Why are there cats?!"

"still have a cat? Do you have a high income now? "

originally only discussed the issue of "keeping a cat", and then gradually upgraded to "can I take good care of myself outside?"

like, you can't understand why parents are always "saving everywhere", and parents can't understand your so-called "sense of ritual of life". parents and children have their own opinions on taking care of themselves.

disputes are disputes, but I dare not have any opinions on one thing-- cleaning.

Young people born in the 1990s can talk and laugh on the job, or slay the whole audience at the Social Affairs Bureau, but they will definitely bow to their parents in the matter of "cleaning".

"next time you dare to play like that, I'll throw you out." While mopping the floor, my mother threatened Wangcai.

Wangcai hides on the side and becomes a ball.

I thought that my parents and I would argue for a long time about whether to grow rich or not.

for example, Dad, a week after Wangcai returned home, has already taken the initiative to serve as its "cat litter bowl cleaner".

one day I casually mentioned: "eating only fish may not be nutritious, but you have to eat other things." nutrition is balanced. "

waiting for the prosperity of the buffet.

slowly I will find that my parents also have childlike innocence and will have some interesting conversations with Wangcai. With that, it often becomes a "really fragrant scene".



there is a squatting toilet in the bathroom on the first floor of my house. Wang Caihui will move his ass above and "go to the toilet" facing the hole of the squatting toilet with incomparable precision. Since then, except for regular feeding, the cat litter bought at home has never been used again.

every time we clean up, the three of us are swearing and kneeling down to clean up in every corner.

Mom took the call and said, "if I expect you to clean up, I'll have to calculate it on a monthly basis. Wangcai has become a sloppy cat."

indeed, as my parents said, after living alone, my frequency of cleaning decreased a lot-I always felt that it didn't matter to me.

the house used to be cleaned only once every half a month, but now I can see my parents busy around the corner with a mop rag in order to keep the house clean.


looking at the serious appearance of the two elders doing cleaning, I realized in hindsight:

in fact, my parents know how to keep pets better than I do. on the other hand, I am afraid that I will not be able to take care of myself, and I can't take good care of my pets.

both tired people and bitter cats.

probably, because parents have experienced that period of wandering, they know that a person away from home is in a hurry--

"will not. Dyson's Digital Slim lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner is designed for families like us, especially for your old couple. " I paused and went on.

"first, the cordless design is light in size, and the mainframe weighs 1.3kg, which is only 1/3 of Wangcai's body weight. Thorough cleaning or easy smoking are all very convenient for you to use in the house."

"third, there is a screen at the top of the vacuum cleaner, and you can clearly see its power and status indication to reduce the trouble of operation."

Mom wondered: "your friend?" Why do you have so many friends and why do you have another vacuum cleaner? "

"really? Will someone buy too many vacuum cleaners? Son of a bitch, don't lie to me! "

Mom nodded her head doubtfully, while I took advantage of the gap to secretly place an order for the vacuum cleaner.


I was in the room on the second floor and heard my parents talking in the living room on the first floor.

"does the vacuum cleaner work well?" It's dad's voice.

in fact, we all know that parents need to be accompanied and loved.

parents are afraid of adding burden to their children because of their own face. They always say, "this thing is useless" and "I can take care of myself".

since childhood, "I don't like this drumstick, here you go"; up to now, "I can do it, you don't have to worry about me".

parents' acting skills are still poor and do not improve at all, but they are more and more intense in the aspect of "loving their children". strong>

because we are afraid that our parents will worry, we always have a lot of things to hide from our parents: staying up late, skipping breakfast, keeping cats.

never mind the "I don't want" in their mouth, as long as you put something in their hand, you'll find it.Their happiness cannot be concealed.

the point is not "I love you", but "let you know".