Please, take care of yourself.

Please, take care of yourself.
Learn to be good to yourself.


my friends think I'm not in the right state.

at that time, he didn't know what hpv was. He thought I had some serious illness and was in tears. Then I smiled and told him that hpv is used to prevent cervical cancer, because the incidence of cervical cancer is high, so I want to get this vaccine.


until more than half a year later,

she said that I used to go to the gym, take pictures and post moments, and would want to go out to play and eat something delicious. But now I seem to be working hard, there seems to be nothing wrong with me, but I give her a feeling that I don't care about anything.

I smiled and said, maybe the previous relationship was so hard that it made me feel boring now.

that day, my friend said viciously: "even if you hypocritically think that love is gone, even if you think love is a very boring thing, then you can just let love go." Why do you pull up your body, your life, and your other things along with them? "

you know that sometimes people are really strange and change a state instantly because of the poke of a sentence.

it suddenly dawned on me that many particularly difficult things didn't happen in one breath, and there was only one thing from beginning to end.

it's that thing that can't get through. It's because I'm in an impassable state of mind, so it's hard to see anything.

when I realized this, I found that I was still not out of that shadow. I still wanted to escape, but the scope of my escape became more accurate.

I narrowed down the impact of the impassable event on me.

I began to care about the quality of life and bought some nice furniture.

I began to pay attention to the quality and prospect of my work and adjusted my position.

I began to care about my health and rescheduled the hpv vaccine.

when I found that the vaccine was not so easy to order, I did wonder if it took him a lot of effort to make an appointment.

I may have been depressed before. I thought it was so difficult. I just made an appointment.

but that day I just quietly continued to look for channels to make an appointment. When I finally found that pinduoduo was able to book a hpv vaccine, not only me, but also my friends were a little surprised.

I was surprised that after being depressed for so long, I had the motivation to struggle again.

actually only I know.

for two years, I still care about you very much.


take HPV vaccination as an example, it is only a manifestation of girls' concern about their physical condition, but many girls are always difficult to express it because of psychological constraints.

the greatest risk of HPV infection is the possibility of cervical cancer. More than 100 different types of HPV are known.

the common types of hpv vaccines in China are bivalent, tetravalent and nine-valent:

tetravalent vaccines are aimed at two high-risk HPV viruses and two low-risk HPV viruses, suitable for women aged 20-45 years old;

bivalent and tetravalent vaccines can prevent and control 84.5% cervical cancer, and 92.1% cervical cancer can be prevented by nine-valent HPV vaccine. You can choose according to your actual situation.

generally, the price of an online reservation is nearly 5000 yuan. In pinduoduo's 10 billion health subsidy special session, Beijing's 9-price vaccine subsidy costs only 4439 yuan, and the 4-price 10 billion subsidy is 2539.

this item belongs to the subsidy of tens of billions of dollars, and the purpose of their subsidy is actually very simple. I want to tell you: