Please let me continue to be your Wechat friend.

Please let me continue to be your Wechat friend.
Don't "like and delete each other" all the time.

Tong C often tells me that you should talk to more people and listen to other people's stories in summer, which is good for writing.

but in fact, I seldom chat with anyone. Unless something happens, I rarely click on whose dialog box to open a topic, nor do I know who to chat with, even though there are 738 people in my Wechat address book.

the other day, I suddenly saw Wanjing lying in my star friend list. My profile picture was replaced with a pure black picture. I clicked on her moments and found that all the content had been deleted, leaving only a lonely bar.

it took me two seconds to type "what's wrong with you" on the keyboard, but I was afraid to disturb her. After two minutes of hesitation, I plucked up the courage to press the send button.

the other party replied quickly, and almost when I pressed the send button, with the vibration of the phone, a line of gray words jumped into my eyes.

"the other party has turned on friend verification, and you are not her friend yet. Please send a friend verification request first, and the other party will verify it before you can chat. "

I was speechless, with a little grievance, a little anger, and a belly of confusion.

"I have a show in the general business. Would you like to come downstairs and see me?"

"No, I'm so sleepy. I want to sleep."

turn up, this is the last chat between me and Wanjing.

I'm not going to add her back, nor do I want to ask why, because it doesn't make any sense. From the moment she pressed the delete button, no matter how close we used to be, even though she used to love to hear me sing, she was my earliest little girl, but now it's over.

when one party first makes the decision to remove the other party from the friend list, it means that the other party, including all the joys and sorrows he has experienced in the past, has lost all the meaning of existence in his heart. People who withdraw their feelings first in a relationship always seem a little stronger. To bear all kinds of emotions is what the underdog has to do.

I have only seven star friends, the lit star, who has been laughing at me until now.


in fact, sometimes I keep fantasizing that if I had a thicker skin and pulled down my face to add Wanjing, I would still be able to get back together. Maybe it was just that she slipped and accidentally deleted me.

"No." A Jun responded to me with a wry smile, "although it is very sad, you can only accept it." He conveniently locked the phone screen, and the last sentence he saw before locking the screen was, "non-friends only show no more than ten photos."

A Jun grew up with him, just like he Baorong and Li Yaohui in Spring. They can smoke the same cigarette, share a toothbrush, and like the same girl together. Before A Jun made girlfriends, I doubted his sexual orientation.

"I tried to add him back more than once, but every time I applied for it, I couldn't figure out why, or even wondered if my phone was disconnected."

"I also used my secondary account to secretly add his Wechat, sending him long sentimental words, saying to him,'it's not as good as us, 'but in the end, it seems that I can only move myself."

after saying this, A Jun gave me another blunt smile: "No way, people have to grow up."

his expression is like giving a gift that has been picked out for a long time, but it is easily thrown away because of a dislike, and it is like taking the time to cook a big table of delicacies, but everyone is told not to come home for dinner tonight.

I remember that when I was in kindergarten, the sentence I was most afraid of hearing was "I ignored you". Before I made up, I would eat and eat like a lovelorn, and then secretly stuffed the snacks I had been reluctant to eat into my schoolbag from home. The next day, I took it to haunt my partner and asked him, "Why are you ignoring me? I brought you delicious food."

but as I get older, I can't do this kind of thing, as they say-children ask you why you ignore me, and adults are tacitly estranged from each other until they lose all their intersection.

but adults can be sad, too.


Last time I chatted with the thorns about a certain official account sending strange tweets all day long, but there were a lot of fans.

Trying to find a superb wedding dresses under 200 that will not kill your budget? We have the right selection to suit your tastes.

I'm right. I can't stand a lot of people retweeting in moments.

he smiled and said, then the quality of your moments needs to be improved. I didn't, because I would delete all the retweets.

to be honest, the quality of my moments is really low. There is a girl who works as a WeChat businessman who scans the screen all day, as if she spends the rest of her life filled with facial masks and money transfer records; there are also boys who post selfies every day, whose p-map skills are even better than their girlfriends; and there are even people who retweet extreme tweets every day. Look like "against the whole world."

but even if I think they are stupid and have less and less interaction with them, I will not take the initiative to delete a person.

because they all left traces in my memory.

I often remember that the girl who works as a WeChat businessman used to talk with me around the playground, walking from evening to dark. And the boy who took selfies every day was a good classmate of mine in high school. Once I was besieged at recess when he broke the head of a gangster with a chair.

but with the passage of time, what they and I pursue becomes more and more different, from saying everything a few years ago to having nothing to say now, and there seems to be an inexplicable estrangement between them.

but they may still regard me as a friend in their hearts. if one day they find that they have been deleted unilaterally by me, will they be as speechless, aggrieved, angry and a little sad as I was deleted by others?

if it was a long time agoWe may need to end a relationship by cutting off the meaning of a robe and cutting off friendship.

but now we can turn our lives into two parallel lines by clicking "Delete contact".

someone once asked me why you have to leave them in Wechat since there is no more overlap and you don't like watching people's moments.

there is a saying that goes like this: "maybe the so-called feelings are just: it was better once. I don't know if you forgot it or not. Anyway, I still remember."

even though it has drifted away and there is no reason to chat or excuse to meet, it is probably one of my feelings to keep my estranged friends in the circle of friends.

I remember all the pleasures I experienced together, and I don't want to leave you any pain.

if I have to disconnect from a Wechat friend who is no longer connected, I wish I was the one who was deleted, just as I always want the other person to hang up first at the end of the call.

if I can, I still want to continue to be friends with you in Wechat.

it's like we've never been estranged.