Obedience is a disadvantage for girls.

Obedience is a disadvantage for girls.
People who really care about you will not leave because of your disobedience.

but I waited for half an hour, just waiting for his "the boss asked me to play games with him, can you go back by yourself?" .

I was a little aggrieved. I couldn't help asking him if I had to play the game, so why didn't I say it in advance?

and he blocked all my incomprehension with only one sentence.


because as soon as the word "obedient" comes out, if I don't give in, I will look like I'm not sensible.

just like when I was a child, I was afraid that I didn't do well enough to satisfy my parents.

once I didn't do well in the exam, so I privately discussed with my mother, "can I wait until my birthday to play?"

while hanging clothes, she said, "if you don't do well in the exam, you can't play."

although this may seem ordinary, it was at that time that I realized that my birthday was not very important, but that it was important to meet other people's expectations.


because I always feel that he must have his reasons for playing games with his boss, and I should give in to my boyfriend's job and understand that it is not easy for him outside.

"should" is one thing, "can you do it" is another.

"you always think you are gentle because of your meekness. never thought that others treat you just because you deserve it. "

I also try to show myself a little self-willed and ignorant in front of my boyfriend, but I find it difficult.

he thought about it and said, why don't you order takeout? anyway, when it tastes the same, I give up right away.

the original "disobedience" is also an ability to be cultivated.

so I have always liked a plot in a Japanese TV series: when an old woman bought a cone for her granddaughter and handed it to her granddaughter, she said, "this is to reward you for being the first runner-up."

I am very moved, because the latter sentence is more likely to fill our hearts with sense of security than the cone itself.

and many people, after the occurrence of more and more "mind control" and "love violence", realize in hindsight:


because until the end, I haven't changed much, and I'm still the girl who doesn't have much confidence.

but unlike usual, my boyfriend sensed that something was wrong with me.

so this last sentence, even if it's a cliche, I still want to tell you:

good night.

author /Liu Bai

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