No more lies today.

No more lies today.
Have you learned to be honest?

I had a meeting with the warm Men's Department yesterday. When I talked about the recent reading volume, Alai laughed at me: "Hey, chief editor, have you noticed that you have now become a disorganized box office poison? as soon as you do it, you will be at the bottom."

I never thought that a warm man like Alai would say such a thing, so in order to hide my embarrassment, I said sophistry: "have you ever thought that if I am not at the bottom, there will always be someone at the bottom?" I can stand it. They may not be able to stand it. "

Alai said, "just bullshit. If you don't write well, you can't write well."

forgot what topic I was talking about later, so they just let me go and stopped talking about my reading volume. I didn't fall asleep until three o'clock last night, during which I thought about it for a long time.

the amount of reading seems to be the fate of the media, and it is a spell that can never be escaped, because even if we no longer want to admit it, we can't deny that our whole team is attached to it.

when the amount of reading continues to climb, we drink, talk freely, and talk about love and love in life.

when the reading volume remains low, we argue, run away, and don't even want to see each other.

as editor-in-chief, in addition to how to increase the amount of reading, I should also adhere to the bottom line and principles when necessary, so that everyone will not be reduced to puppets of the amount of reading. in order to please readers, they do not hesitate to tell stories that they do not agree with, and export some views and values that they do not agree with.

over the past year, I have learned how to revise everyone's articles, how to guide them to dig into the deeper meaning of the story, and not to easily erase their personal style or even enlarge some of their characteristics so that readers can remember.

but after learning this, I seem to be more and more unable to tell stories. Obviously proud of the words, but often stumbled by the words.

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this often happens. I just scolded someone the day before and said, "what's the use of writing for ten hours?" If you can't write well, you can't write well. "

the next day I sat in the dormitory without even taking a step at the door. I was in a daze in front of the disorganized background. I became more and more impatient, and my writing became worse and worse. I finally got 1500 words and sent it to Vivi.

she asked me, "what do you think?"

usually when she asks me this sentence, it means that the article is not well written. And I have tried it countless times, as long as she thinks the article is not good, the reading volume is really not too high.

so I had to start all over again, and then I found a random book on the shelf and spent 30 minutes in it, reading as hard as I could.

fortunately, this method has been used for more than a year and still works. Every time I finish reading a book, I always get something new in my heart. Then I simply write down the key words and sentences in my notebook and repeat them with the keyboard.

but once or twice a month, no matter how long you read a book or how many good TV dramas or movies you watch, your mind is still blank. Just as gamblers forget the rules of gambling, the chef loses his sense of taste and finds that he has nothing, and his previous efforts have been declared that he will get nothing in the end.

what if there is plenty of time to squander, nothing worth spending time.

in the final analysis, it is still a matter of ability.

I hate director Wang Jing, but I will never forget what he said a few years ago.

Wang Jing said: "without inspiration, professionals don't talk about inspiration. Inspiration is just an excuse for being lazy." Your major is that your father dies in the morning and you have to write comedies in the evening. "

in fact, the reason why I suddenly talk about my daily life today is that I received a letter from a reader yesterday, in which she said: "Hello, Zhang Jingshi. I always feel that you are a very powerful person, but after reading all your articles, I found that you may have gone from an ordinary student like me to this look step by step. After realizing this, it makes me more motivated to do what I like. Thank you for your company all the time. Come on. "

in fact, I never thought that one day, when I couldn't sleep in the middle of the night, I found that there was an extra email in the mailbox, and then the letter was full of words of thanks.

well, although I always appear to be giving advice in my tweets, there are times when I am not good at it.

even, the time that is not good is longer than the time that is good.

I don't know if you remember that night on October 20, when I sent an article, "are you better today?" click the blue word to review it. The number of words is very small, less than a thousand words. Before the push, I was ready that not many people would read it, but I found that in my circle of friends, even a few friends who were not in disorder had forwarded that article.

to be honest, it was the first time I tried to be honest in chaos. Be honest that you are unhappy and that you don't want to work hard.

unlike before, when something happens, you run away, or even put off taking over. But generously admit: I am not happy today, I can not write well today.

the result surprised me. Honesty brought me relief. Instead of feeling guilty, I began to really think of ways to solve the problem, and even found that the problem that I valued so much before was not a problem at all.

so recently I am happy again.

Last week, I held a topic selection meeting in Guangzhou. Afterwards, I asked the participants for feedback. They said, "I really didn't think Zhang Jingshi was such a person before I came here, but therefore I prefer to be disorganized."

look, this is the advantage of honesty.

Today I posted a moments message that read: leave your favorite lie.

I found that the most photogenic thing is a very simple sentence: "I'm fine.""

originally I thought it would be the usual phrase "you like me", but it was "I'm fine". But when you think about it, it seems to be true, because in addition to love, our life also includes family, work, and good friends. We often emphasize that we should learn to be honest in love, but forget to tell everyone that honesty is just as important on this side of life.

didn't you see that before, we all seemed to be used to lying, hiding our bad side in order not to let others worry? But forget that only honestly face their own shortcomings, only know how to repair, how to comfort, how to share.

A lie keeps others close to you, while the truth keeps others around.

careful readers must have noticed that the latest illustrations were taken by a good friend of mine who went to Taiwan as an exchange student. His name is Daming.

originally I said I would pay him a fee, but he said, "wait a minute. I'm not good enough."

but for me, he is one of the few photographers around me who always stick to his own style, so I would like to recommend Daming's official account again: wandering Daming (dm-photo).

by the way, there is one more thing. Today's deputy tweets have distant summer songs. I hope you all like it. Good night.