No matter how busy the day is, I still want to ask, "what are you doing?"

No matter how busy the day is, I still want to ask, "what are you doing?"
Long time no see


AGA has a song called "one plus one". This song has a theatrical version, which begins with a monologue by Eason Chan. The first sentence of Eason is, "what are you doing?" meaning, what are you doing?

what are you doing?

someone said in NetEase Yun's music comments: only people who know me very well will ask, "what are you doing?" so every time someone asks me, I wonder if something has happened to him, whether he is unhappy, whether he wants to chat with me, and what he has carried alone.

originally this is a common greeting, but I don't know when to start. Every time I want to ask someone this sentence, I feel very heavy.

I am a person who doesn't like to accept surprises, but I like to make surprises. Two months ago, ah Fan's birthday, I secretly prepared the birthday party from her. I made numerous phone calls on the night before her birthday because I knew she had a dream of an unplugged concert.

although at that time, I was already very busy in the mess.

that night, when Ah Fan was about to cut the cake, I said, "wait a minute, I have another surprise." then I dialed the phone, turned on the loudspeaker, and the "gentleness" of May came from the phone with the guitar accompaniment. And everyone present sang along with the melody.

afterwards, Fan said to me, "Thank you for giving me the most profound birthday."

I smiled and said, "I'm glad you like it."

the two of us talked a lot that night, from the past to the present, and then from the present to the post-graduation plan. As she spoke, Ah Fan became lost. I asked why, and she said, "Hey, I don't know what I can do after graduation. I don't know what I like like you so early."

I was scared when I heard this sentence. I was afraid of this sense of distance, so I lied to her and said, "No, actually, I'm very busy and I don't know what I'm going to do. In fact, I'm not happy."

after listening to me talk about my "unhappiness", her tone finally returned to normal.

in fact, I am not unhappy about my busyness, but I was really unhappy after that night. I was actually very happy, but because I was afraid, I pretended to be "I'm sad, too".

I can't figure out why it seems that I have to have a bad life before she can comfort me and say "it's all right".

I wish she could ask me, "aren't you tired?" when I said, "I've been busy with a lot of things lately."

because that way, we can change from "feeling sorry for each other" in high school to truly "making progress together". But I can't seem to do it, I can't do it, and neither can she.


I can't keep memorizing CET-6 words. The longest thing I've ever done is to say "what are you doing" to my friends every day, no matter how bad things happen to me that day, no matter how tired I am that day, no matter how late I stay up that day.

because I think, even if we haven't been in touch for a long time, these four words can establish a connection before us. I just want to tell you that I am here, no matter how many people I see today, when I stop, the person I will think of is you.

but I don't know when to start, no one asks me "what are you doing", and whether they reply to my "what are you doing" is purely depends on the mood, it seems that the response of those words is extremely heavy. But I still say, like "good night", say it every day, keep saying it.

there is a sentence in "Love too late". I even feel that my physique seems to be declining. Don't be too busy after seeing the disease.

I used to think my fault was that I was too busy, but when I stopped, I found that I couldn't stop at all.

because when I stopped, I felt like I was drowning in the world.

it's not because I'm afraid I can't catch up with others, but when you stop, you start to have a lot of messy ideas, and you even start to realize that you don't seem to have anything.

Almond became an online celebrity in her freshman year. She is an online celebrity for food reviews. People often ask her to post advertisements, that is, publicity on moments, so her moments often appear on her work. For example, where did her team go to eat today and which newspaper it appeared tomorrow? It is as if we often see a lot of people in our moments turning the tweets of their student organizations. If the department has a party today, what prize will they win tomorrow?

that day her tonsils were inflamed, but she still clung to three cups of coffee and two cups of lemon tea. "because I have a lot of work to do, I have to stay awake." when she went back in the evening, when she collapsed on the bed, she found that she had a high fever. Before that, she had been working for three days until 04:00.

she is very vulnerable when she is ill. She called her friend that night and just asked, "what are you doing?" before she could say anything about her illness, she heard a joke from the microphone: "look at your circle of friends, how do you still have time to contact us unknown people, Internet celebrities?"

that day, almonds cried and said to me, who doesn't want to have the mood of a little girl, and who doesn't want to hide if they don't want to be unhappy, but I have no choice. This is the career I want to do. I don't agree with it. Who will read it?

but there will always be people who take this kind of favor, this kind of moments as a kind of showing off.

one day her friend told her that when I look at your moments every day, I feel that you have changed, that you live in another beautiful world, while I am still wasting my college.

when they see your surface, it seems that everything is so easy and effortless, as if your daily life is showing off, showing off how well you are, showing off that you have goals, and that you have lived.How clear it is, there are always a lot of friends running up to me and saying, if only you knew what you were going to do, unlike me.

I asked them why you didn't try first, and they waved their hands and said, "I can't do it. I'm not like you."

then they left, leaving me to think in place that "I'm not like you", my "busyness", my "clear goals" and my "efforts" all seem to become shameful things. It seems that I was born with the gift of knowing what I want. It seems that I can get everything I want without doing anything when I get up every day.

so I live in fear every day, afraid of offending, losing, and not being understood, so I am cautious and trembling.


my Wechat avatar is a little girl in color wave-dot pajamas holding a blue whale. There is another picture in my album as a permanent backup. It is a black-and-white little girl holding a black-and-white whale. It looks very gray and tired.

whenever I switch to this avatar, someone always comes up to me and asks me, "Why is your avatar black and white?" I told them I was invisible, and they asked me, Wow, Wechat still has such a function, so when will you go online?

in fact, I forgot to tell others that whenever I am invisible, it is not that I do not want others to disturb me, I want to open the "business do not disturb mode", now is the "friend harassment time".

every time I turn into a black-and-white avatar, a friend always talks to me privately, "what are you doing?" this is the opening statement of every time. He will talk to me about little things that don't matter, except that he won't ask about your gray avatar.

some time ago, I proposed a holiday for the first time. I stopped writing for half a month. I have plenty of time to achieve "companionship" every day. We go to do a lot of meaningless things, such as going to the aquarium to see goldfish in the afternoon, such as going to the fake grass to lie down and look at the moon all night, which looks very ordinary and meaningless, but during that time, I slept the soundest in half a year.

she and I are both very busy, sometimes she is busy, sometimes I am busy, and there are very few opportunities to get together. One day I went back to our chat records for a month, and the records were all

"what are you doing", "what are you doing" and "doing activities".

his "what are you doing" at 3: 00 in the morning, and my "just got up" at 7: 00 in the morning.

We often use "what are you doing" as a real-time location, but fortunately the other person never dislikes my busyness.

A year ago, I used to use "common aspirations", "common preferences", "help each other" and "understand" as the criteria for measuring friends. I used to have an abnormal habit of mental cleanliness and often stressed spiritual fit, but the more I experienced it, the more I found that no one wanted to be friends with the self-negating loser, and the best friendship should provide a template for progress.

if you want the whole world, I want your understanding more.


Today, my mother called me. Before that, I had refused to answer her three times. Each time I told her that I would call you again, but I never called. I hesitated for a moment when I cut the film at noon, but I answered it.

she asked me what you were doing.

I said, busy.

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she said, you are busy every day, what are you doing?

I said, you don't understand even if I told you.

she turned up the volume. "I want to know if I don't understand!"

it was only at that moment that I admitted that every time I asked "what are you doing", I didn't really want to know "what are you doing", but "I missed you".