My boyfriend is going to buy a house. Should I pay the mortgage together?

My boyfriend is going to buy a house. Should I pay the mortgage together?
Adults fall in love.

my boyfriend put down his phone, turned to me and said:

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it was like getting an unexpected gift, which made my boyfriend and I jump for a while.

it was only the next second that I clearly realized that the meaning of this matter to him was completely different from that to me.

but I still need to cheer up and face the problems that come to me:

and this situation is complicated because his identity is just my "boyfriend". Rather than a more legal "husband".

get married and break up.

if you get married, the problem becomes much easier.

"as long as you help to repay even one mortgage, you can own the corresponding part of the house."

because our wages are about the same, if he pays off the mortgage by himself, then I have a good chance that I will have to bear more of the expenses of living together.

he spent all his money on the house, but my money seemed to be gone and got nothing.

I was also a little embarrassed when I talked about it with my trusted friends.

at that moment, I felt strongly that we were really in love as adults.

but car loans and housing loans are more realistic and do not allow us to be ambiguous.

in the end, I got a good suggestion on this question.

it's best for two people to get married in the end, but if you break up unfortunately, you won't have nothing, at least an investment in a house. "

but at least I got a glimpse of the adult way of doing things:

here, I might have saddened: "Why is it so realistic to be in a relationship now?"

as just now, I repeated the above advice to my boyfriend.

it's just that, to my surprise, he didn't feel disagreeable at all and nodded gladly.

it is because of this that I have the impulse to write this article.

for ordinary people, it is too impractical to talk about "giving away some apartments".

there are many people in this world who are willing to talk about feelings with you, but it is rare to find people who can talk to you about money (rationally) at critical moments.