Making money doesn't make you feel any worse.

Making money doesn't make you feel any worse.
If you don't talk about money, it must be purer and more noble?

I read an article by Lian Yue not long ago, in which there was a saying: "start earlier than your classmates, talk generously about money and find ways to make money. You have taken the lead." And probably stay ahead for the rest of your life. "

to tell you the truth, it was quite touching when I saw it.

because in the past, like those tens of thousands of young people in literature and art, I held a contemptuous attitude towards money, and as soon as the things I liked were connected with "money", I immediately moved out of the posture of cutting off the robe and cut off meaning from them. And the most terrible thing is that while I hate the injustice brought by money from the bottom of my heart, I reveal the message "I am poor" to my friends through various hints in order to ask them to pity me.

what does "pity me" mean? For instance.

when I was in high school, I only had 100 yuan a week to live on. According to my daily expenses, I didn't have any extra money to go to the movies or party with friends on weekends. So that every time a movie you want to see is released, you have to brag to your good friends about how good the director of that film is and how many awards it has won.

when my friend is moved, he asks me, "when are we going to see it?"

I immediately looked heartbroken and said, "well, I don't have any money. Just go and see for yourself."

as you can guess, my friend finally invited me to see the movie. Over the past three years, that friend did not know how many movies he invited me to see and how many afternoon teas he had.

although that friend and I are still very good friends, he certainly doesn't care about the money of the movie ticket, but I even feel a little remorseful. Hate my parents why they didn't give me more living expenses, let me calculate for a movie and go to the best friend around me.

I feel that I have become a "liar" on a certain level, because I know how to figure out the psychology of others, so I gain benefits for myself by "revealing my scars".

I don't know if you have experienced this situation, that is, to sacrifice part of your "self-esteem" for short-distance gain. At that time, you lived a magnanimous and unrestrained life, but in hindsight, you will not only regret it, but also secretly slap yourself in the face and warn yourself, "Don't do that again!"

but when it comes to "later", you will succumb to your immediate desires again.

Your elegance and femininity will absolutely shine in our sexy evening gowns. We have it all – a perfect choice for the most formal and casually informal occasions.

you know, it's not a good thing to break your bottom line over and over again, it makes you feel that "principle" is not a big deal. It will let you find that breaking the bottom line will not be punished, but will also benefit from it. So slowly, you go from "self-exposing scars" to "fabricating scars", and then from "fabricating scars" to "making scars".

from a self-pity person to an out-and-out liar.

therefore, there is only one best way to put an end to this situation, that is, do not let children taste the benefits of "breaking the bottom line" when they are not mature, which will harm them for the rest of their lives.

later, I told my parents about these things at the dinner table, saying that I had a lot of meals with my classmates because I didn't have enough living expenses in junior high school.

I thought it would be a funny table topic, but who knew they became serious after listening, and then said to me very harshly, "Why didn't you tell us earlier?" Isn't this just a matter of dozens of yuan? Which parents would like their son to be reduced to getting a meal? "

I just found out that I asked for it all by myself. I should have been bold enough to say to my parents, "I want to see a great movie. Why don't you sponsor it?"

instead of breaking through your bottom line over and over again, to set up good friends.

but the bottom line is gradually "rising" with age and knowledge. For me in middle and high school, the bottom line is "not to eat and drink." when I am a freshman, the bottom line is "AA all expenses with my friends, and not even one yuan less." in my senior year, the bottom line is "don't ask my family for money."

so now, even if I am so poor that I only have an income of five hundred a month, I will not ask my family for money.

freshman and sophomore, use all available resources to broaden your horizons, because it will determine how much money you can earn in the future. When you are a junior and senior, you can start to think about how to earn your own living expenses, and in fact, it is really not difficult to earn a thousand living expenses per month, and you find it difficult to earn, just because you are not willing to try and break through the current comfort zone.

I really can't, so I ask my family to "borrow" it and return it later. Don't say, "Don't worry about these things between your family", because you have to remember that you are now an adult and your parents should not worry about your "adult life" in the first place.

otherwise, if you take your parents' money, you will listen to your parents. Accept all their arrangements, including blind dates, including work, including your food and drink. No more resistance, no rebellion, because this is what people call "reason", you have to admit.

if you are not willing to accept the arrangement and be a giant baby to be fed, then work hard and make money.

anyway, the end result is: my money, my own money, my life, my own life.

A digression:

after slowly breaking away from the comfort zone of school, I found that the interaction between people is to get what they need. No one really wants to uncover the scars and comfort each other with you, not because everyone has become more cold-blooded.

but because time is running out, everyone's window of opportunity is only ten years. Don't you decide which is more important, the future you need to struggle for or the one you need to comfort?

by the same token, for those of us who always love self-pity and crying for poverty, the window of opportunity is also only ten years. The more time you spend on grief, the less time you will spend in the future.

and many people say they are confused.

actually a lot of timeIt is because of poverty and busyness.

good night, everyone.

aside 2:

I'm going to Guangzhou on Friday, so I'd like to invite ten friends from Guangzhou to have a topic selection meeting with me. It can just tell a moving story, or it can be a crazy thing you want to do with chaos. The time is Friday afternoon, and then I will inform the ten selected friends in private.

then this weekend, the Lulu of our event planning department wants to hold an "immediate departure". The general procedure is: have breakfast together on Sunday, then everyone put forward their best wishes, and finally vote. And the one with the highest number of votes, all the participants work with you to achieve it.

if this activity must be tagged, it will be: impromptu, interesting.

both activities are signed up by filling out the form. We will try our best to select the 20 most interesting people to complete these two activities with us. I hope you in Guangzhou, the interesting one, can meet, have a chat and have a cup of tea at that time. Fulfill the wish that you have wanted to accomplish for a long time.