Like you, I want to live these lives.

Like you, I want to live these lives.
What the future artificial intelligence world will be like.

I thought my parents would get used to it for a while, but I didn't expect to teach them to use it the day before, but I was woken up by the music the next morning.

I got up and went to the living room. The moment I saw my mother doing aerobics with the speaker, I suddenly really felt the benefits of technology to life.

our generation is not only the earliest experience of emerging technology, but also the main force of popularizing science and technology in the future.

the future is coming at an accelerated pace, and technology creates both infinite possibilities and uncertainties.

while embracing new things, people can't help feeling confused about the unknown future.

how science and technology will change human life in the future, and how to solve the problems we encounter now or in the future, will become a topic of constant concern to everyone.

Today's Tencent headquarters in Beijing has just held a popular science activity for the public, and it is also a scientific interactive talk show: X-Talk.

Why is there a X-Talk?

Technology continues to move forward, breaking our cognitive boundaries. They inspire human curiosity, create infinite possibilities for human life, and redefine life and even moral boundaries.

when we want to seek an answer from the future and extend human goodwill to an infinite moment, relaxed, interesting and sincere communication is a good choice.

on the first science talk show, dozens of scientists and scholars in different fields, as well as science fiction writers and talk show actors, revealed the influence of cutting-edge technology on the future. humorously and humorously discuss what changes science and technology will bring to human society in the future, and how we should be in the world of science and technology in the future.

especially the younger generation's attitude towards the scientific and technological impact of the future world, and what constructive actions can be taken is an unavoidable topic.

sounds good. Don't worry, let's see what they are talking about:

Shan Shiguang said: "We hope that artificial intelligence can provide us with all kinds of services. when we extend this goal, there are machines that provide better services to us. AI may have to look like a human, the better, and some attributes of someone. In this way, as a tool, it can enable us to have a better life."

and they also reached a consensus in the conversation: artificial intelligence is not about to "replace human beings."

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Wang Haoyi, a researcher at the Institute of Zoology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, stressed: "with regard to gene editing, we cannot talk about the application of a certain technology in general. It must be under specific circumstances and purposes to discuss safety and sustainability, and the public's right to know and the right of the public to obtain progress are also ethical and social issues that need to be discussed." The application of

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technology is gradual, and security effectiveness or long-term security may be proved in the scenarios where it is most needed before it can gradually transition to other wider applications.