Let me talk to you about the last 2019.

Let me talk to you about the last 2019.
Happy New Year.

this article is not long, but it may be a little boring compared to the usual "storytelling". I hope you can finish it.

although everyone says that 2019 is difficult, our company is really alive and well.

the office changed from 250ping opposite the Guangzhou Tower to 400ping in Haizhu District, and we spent nearly 400000 on decoration; the number of fans ranged from 1 million to more than 3 million (not just messy, of course).

I also took all my colleagues on a trip to Thailand in the middle of the year.

I know it sounds pessimistic, but it seems that it is precisely because of my pessimism that this company has survived the difficulties again and again.

our new office

made a floor-to-ceiling window

make a little more money, but not much, probably as the company's revenue doubled.

I intend to struggle in Guangzhou for the rest of my life, so I have considered buying a house, but because I don't have a Guangzhou hukou and it's not enough for five years of social security, it's estimated that this matter won't be settled until next year.

Love has encountered many twists and turns this year, and it has been divided into several times. Although I often get back together the next day, I still feel a little sad. I didn't think clearly about this question until a few days ago: "short-term happiness is not the ultimate goal of a relationship, but self-realization."

this "most appropriate" means "whether the other person can help you realize the value of your life".

this is not "correct", but if you look at it from another perspective, it should be better: the "most appropriate" I mentioned above is mutual. She helps you, you help him, and "helping each other make progress in their respective directions" should be the common goal of two people in the relationship.

I have to force myself to accept the process of turning over and over again, because this is the creator's destiny, and once I escape, it means that I can never be a good creator in my life.

We built our own Christmas tree.

1. As mentioned above, I have to "get used to hardship".

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2. Continue to be sincere.

at the same time, because the cooperation brought about by sincerity is often not decided immediately, it can only be carried out when both parties are "just right", so it is meaningless to be "sincere" for a moment and a half.

many people are constantly hurt, not necessarily because the other person is an extremely bad person, but because they "allow" the other person to hurt themselves.

4. I care more about money.

but I still have to add that "care about money, but don't just think about making fast money", because it is often illegal and immoral behind fast money. I have a friend who went to that kind of online lending company as soon as he graduated. He made a lot of money two years ago, but now he is in prison. Now think about it.

finally, I have to say thank you.

the last, the new year, the new beginning, if you have more important things to do in 2020, more important tasks to complete, regardless of clutter, or even messy customs clearance, it is acceptable.

it's enough to be with you for a while.

good night and happy New year!

author /Zhang Jingbi