It's raining. What are you thinking?

It's raining. What are you thinking?
Don't look for it. You can't find it.

hi, long time no see.

it's raining. Recently I pulled out a blank notebook from the bookshelf and I began to keep a diary. I wrote some trivial things in my diary, recording every detail I encountered today and the mood of every period of time like a current account. After writing, I added at the end, "tomorrow will be better. Good night."

I am afraid to keep a diary, because all the time, I dare not even confess to myself. Why do you want to start keeping a diary again? Because I am suddenly afraid of a person today, if one day dies, it is too late to write a suicide note, and no one knows how my life came about, then it will soon be forgotten.

it's raining. I called my mother today. I haven't called home for a month. She asked me, have you been busy lately? I stayed in bed and didn't want to do anything. I kept pestering her to talk with me a little more. I was afraid to hang up the phone, because as soon as I hung up, the room was dreadfully quiet. I told her that there was a style gathering at the end of the month, going to Dali, but I didn't want to go. She asked me where you wanted to go. I said, I want to go home.

it rained and I couldn't sleep last night. Luckily, I found a good radio station. I listened to the storyteller all night and listened to the first and last episodes all night. However, I didn't hear any of his stories. I just thought the sound was comfortable, clean and familiar. I am afraid of being quiet recently, but I don't go out again. I haven't eaten for a long time. I bought a lot of instant noodles and ate them with a different taste every day.

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it's raining, and lulu, the event planner, asked me whether or not to cancel the scheduled event if there is still a typhoon tomorrow. I said, I don't know why, I woke up today thinking that on such a rainy day, if a group of people are in a comfortable bookstore with a sofa, it should be a good thing for us to chat like this. Lulu said, yes! Then we won't cancel. I began to worry again, so, what if no one comes? Lulu said, "I'll chat with you."

it's raining. Recently, I occasionally have a headache, and occasionally I have a faint pain near my stomach and heart. As soon as I calm down, I feel nausea and dyspnea. Every night, I want to go to the hospital, because when I think of the hospital, there are lights, there is an emergency, and the doctor, it should be very warm. But when I woke up during the day, my headache was gone, and I felt very healthy, so I gave up the idea of going to the hospital.

it's raining. In the early morning, I told Yuanxia, the lead singer of the band in the editorial department, to sing a song. I thought he took me for a psychopath and didn't reply. Twenty minutes later, I received two pieces of voice, in which there was not only singing, but also the wind. Later, I learned that at 01:30 in the morning, he ran to the balcony of the dormitory to sing. I smiled, "it turns out I'm not the only psychopath in the world."

it's raining. I call this restaurant every day to order takeout. "Hello, I'll have a tomato and beef rice with 4511 delivered." I am very attentive. When I go to a store, I will always order only one thing. Today, I suddenly thought of a change, so I ordered shredded potato and rice. Did not expect that the last takeout, or a tomato beef rice, he sent the wrong, but I actually feel very happy, the original time is long, I can also be remembered.

it's raining. I did a lot of things today. I washed all the sheets and blew them dry. I told them that you have grown up and can't cry all the time.

it's raining. I'm a little forgetful today. I washed my face with facial cleanser twice, I brushed my teeth twice, I swept the floor twice, I wiped the table twice, and the vase changed water twice. I said to myself, hey, when I'm old, I can't remember anything.

it's raining. I took apart all the bags of potato chips, cookies and candies and mixed them until I couldn't tell the difference between lime and barbecue. I told myself, which flavor is the same? it's the same anyway.

it's raining. Today, when I heard Dai Petunia's "how", she sang, it's going to be dark here. There, everything has changed here, and I've become sensible. What about you?

well, it's raining here. The rain soaked my white shoes. It's fine. Anyway, I don't bother to wash them. What about you? My school here is closed, all activities are stopped, I plan to go out to eat mango shaved ice in typhoon days, what about you.

it's almost dawn here, and you finally ask me if it makes sense to write so many trivial things today. It's pointless, but it's raining. I'd rather do so many meaningless things than be cowardly enough to find you when I have free time. What about you?

Today, I saw such a comment in the NetEase Cloud comment area:

I have become so bad that I can eat a whole can of Liquor-Soaked Crabs's forceps by myself. I can go out at night without being afraid of the dark. You can put your hand in your pocket when you want to smoke; you can stop mumbling and cursing when you sneeze; you can put your headphones in your ear so that it doesn't fall out. There are many more, and now I am so good! How awesome.

well, I'm very bad now. It's raining. I've told you everything here. Don't look back. Don't look for me. I'll give up if I wait a little longer.

"what about you, it's raining, what are you thinking?"