It's okay. Everyone has flaws.

It's okay. Everyone has flaws.
The world is so big that there is no one who has to be friends.

"I think you are the kind of person who cares about other people's feelings. Although you don't talk much, you are soft at heart."

sometimes after saying a sentence, I will think to myself for a long time: is that right in the end? Wouldn't it be better to put it another way?

readers who have known me for a long time may remember that I did the same thing in the past-constantly doing after talking to others and reviewing the wringing behavior of over and over again.

so I'd like to tell gruel and you who are worried about being "unlikable":


this is what she told me after becoming friends with a female classmate in the same class.

this is what she said when we had a better time later, when she teased me. She imitated me emotionally and tried to hold her head high and looked at me through her nostrils, which made everyone present laugh and agree.

so in order not to let others alienate me or hate me, I will consciously be gentle and friendly in all respects.

I am addicted to cleanliness. A small move of others can easily drive me crazy, but I will only clean up quietly after the other person is gone.

the flashpoint of things is due to the pressure of study. I am always the last to go to bed during my lunch break. They think that the sound of my washing water disturbs their rest, even though sometimes they just lie in bed and chat.

so the week when it was my turn to clean the blackboard, I should have been pointed at from the moment I stood on the podium; so it was annoying to wear an extra coat of my own in winter; so it was intentional to touch someone else's table.

just like looking fierce, you can remind yourself to laugh more. But like a penchant for cleanliness, it can't be changed through hard work.

some can only accept being easily rejected and dragged down to "you are all wrong".

later, when I was used to being isolated, the first thing I did when I went to college was to confess to my roommates with apprehension.

when I was a teenager, I could not explain clearly to others that not liking others to touch their own things was really just a kind of psychological disorder, not a sign of dislike.

this generosity and honesty will make the next four years of college very bright.

when the environment and people change, I find that the problems I have always haunted have broken down.

those "small flaws" that only work hard on themselves and do not interfere with others will not be attacked.

and if there is such a person, just don't socialize.

your friends are on their way.

at that time, everyone gathered around talking and laughing loudly, and occasionally sent some messages in the group chat. Someone jokingly said in the group, "I suddenly realized that I didn't even hear the sound of gruel."

after a while, the news of gruel was suddenly inserted into the confused message: ", I have been listening to everyone silently all the time, and I also want to participate in everyone's topic."

although it's just a joke, gruel is obviously explaining it solemnly.

but what she doesn't know is that the friends who know that she is reading the introductory guide, like me, really think she is so cute.

looking at the gruel in the introductory guide

you may never change, but other people's opinions of you will change.

I accept and show you a complete and true self.

just like gruel, she is afraid to be judged stupid or boring because she can't play games or chat, but we just think that she is sincere in every chat and quietly preparing for a date.

then I hope next time your "might as well forget it",

but "might as well say so".