It is not easy to like the wrong person.

It is not easy to like the wrong person.
The story of A.

asked everyone in moments yesterday: "can you tell me what you wanted to do a year ago today, and now you have done it?"

I thought I would receive a lot of inspirational answers, but most of the answers revealed the respondents' regret and shame, and last night's backstage became a review meeting. Among them, many people are reviewing and saying, "I spent a year on the wrong person."

I have a good friend A who liked a girl for three years in high school.

when I was a freshman in high school, I shared a dorm with him. One night, I don't know which bastard raised a topic: "Why don't you tell me which girl in your class you think is the prettiest?"

in fact, this topic can be understood in this way: "Why don't you tell me which girl in your class you like?"

of course I won't get hit, because once something is said, you will unconsciously lean on that road and get deeper and deeper. And A said, and he was the first to say: "I think I like her."

after hearing this, I thought he was joking, because that girl would call him "master" when she played with him, and how could "master" fall in love with "apprentice"? But in retrospect, it's really normal, just like high school students can't say "I like her". They say, "I think she's pretty."

the roommates were booing and asked him if he had confessed his love. He said no, he just liked her.

I love to encourage others, because that way, people won't find me hiding behind like a coward. I said, "what are you afraid of? you dare not tell me to speak for you."

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sure enough, I couldn't guess him. With a bang, my cell phone fell on the bed.

when I take a look, the message has been edited, but it hasn't been sent. I asked him why, is he really timid?

"if she refuses me, I can say it's from you." He said such a sentence.

but a soldier who goes to war with the determination to die will really die, because he thinks death is an acceptable outcome. It's like a thought implant. when you see a cannonball coming, you don't try to hide, because you think, "die, die. I expected it anyway."

those who burn their bridges are for those who have families, not those who are unattached.

so he died.

because she replied, "are you kidding?"

notice that this message has no punctuation, and you don't know whether it's a question mark or a full stop after the word "laugh". If it is a question mark, it proves that you may have a chance. If it is a full stop, it means that you have been left out in the cold.

those who like her will, of course, add the "question mark" to the end of the sentence.

I threw my phone back to A. I don't know what A replied to her, except that A never joined our conversation that night.

from then on to the division of classes, I didn't hear the sentence "We're together" coming out of A's mouth. In the summer vacation when I was divided into classes, I went to see him for midnight snacks and talked about the girl. A told a lot of stories that I couldn't observe in the class, for example, the girl had a fight with him on QQ, and she used to send several Weibo messages for A.

does liking a person make people feel that everything in the other person is caused by themselves? maybe.

but if the problem is based on the premise that "the other person doesn't like you", it can easily become "self-righteous".

A said a lot of sweet things he thought to me, but could not admit to me that they were together because they were really not together. It was only a few years later that people came up with a name for this state, called the "spare tire".

but before the college entrance examination, A told me, "We are together."

after graduation, I didn't have much contact with him. Even though we liked each other in our moments, we all knew that there was really nothing to talk about except memories. It was not until the last time I went to take his graduation photo with my high school friend that we stood side by side again.

I asked, "did you score?"

he said, "Yes, I split up a long time ago. Didn't you read the moments?"

I said, "it is only after watching moments that I know that you have split up."

he said, "mm-hmm."

he seemed to remember something and said, "actually, I always felt like a spare tire."

I'll wait, because there are some questions you don't have to ask, he will go on.

"after we broke up, I went to Taiwan to be an exchange student. I once said to her on Wechat,'I have a thousand words I want to say to you.' She said, 'but I don't want to hear it'. Just like in the first year of high school, this Wechat post has no punctuation, but I know it must be followed by a full stop. That's when I realized that she probably didn't really like me. "

I asked him if he was sad.

he shrugged and said, "what's the big deal? haven't you ever liked someone who doesn't like you?" Everyone will meet such a person. It just depends on when you realize that that person really doesn't like you. "

I'm afraid to talk. I've really tried to like someone who doesn't like me.

after a brief silence, he said, "it's not easy to like the wrong person."

when he said this, he still seemed to have a tone that could not tell whether he was proud or disdainful.

I said, "mm-hmm."

"Ha ha."

Today, I was reading alone in 85 when I suddenly received Wechat from A. He asked me if I was free for dinner, and I said yes. So we went to the city by bus for almost an hour, and we ate.A meal of more than 300 yuan of sushi, A paid for it.

I said, "I'll send it back to you."

he said, "what a fart, this is vitamin milk that I owe you for a year."